Transfer Update

Transfer went like a breeze. The best part is they give you more drugs to relax you AND no bursting bladder so I just fell asleep after ET!!

We transferred 4 8 cells (1 Grade 1 and 3 Grade 2). (The most 8 celled embies we have ever had was on our BFP cycle and then it was only one)

We froze THIRTEEN embies ranging from 8 to 5 cells (remember the rescue ICSI ones which will be a day behind). We have NEVER EVER frozen ANYTHING before in all previous 6 IVF cycles. I am amazed and of course very very happy.

We did have to do laser assisted hatching but Ive had to do that for ALL 6 cycles, including both DE cycles so I really dont know if that matters or what. I asked the doctor and he said the reason why lasers were invented were to do assisted hatching (jokingly of course). My previous doctor always made out that was a real issue. I dont know and I dont care, all I know is that we have 4 really good embies on board and Im still feeling upbeat about the whole cycle.

Had a burger and chips for lunch and had a rest, now we wait. Test day is 12 days from now, 18th May.


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  1. Fran on

    Great news all around!!! Delighted it went so well, I have everything crossed for you!

  2. Cedge on

    Those are great looking embies. 🙂

    I am so pleased that everything went well. Now all that is left is to try to keep busy and get some pampering in your 2ww.

    I still can’t get over your excellent results this cycle … amazing!

  3. Ab on

    great news Dee. What an awesome cycle it’s been! You have every reason to hope for a BFP! xxx

  4. Mash on

    Your babies are so cute 😉

    I think you should make this your profile picture on facebook, you know how everyone always has their kids on their facebook profile…

    It will have everyone guessing, that’s for sure! And how do they count 8 cells in there, looks pretty confusing to me!

    Good luck my friend, good good luck!

    • Dee on

      Mash – remember you are only seeing it in 2D, you have to count the “top” and bottom” cells too.

  5. Eve on

    Wonderful news Dee! Am praying so hard for you guys. And how fantastic that you have so many to freeze!!!!

    All the best for the 2ww!

  6. Jennie on

    Wow those embies look great – Good luck with the 2ww . try keep sane and you will be in my thoughts & prayers !

  7. celia on

    That is awesome!

  8. Cstelle on

    That is very nice embies!!!

  9. Jen on

    Fantastic! I’m hoping those embies are snuggling up now!

  10. Cindyhoo2 on

    You have freezies and high quality embies on board!?? Fantastic!! This cycle looks great. And those embies look very high quality. Lady prepare yourself for twins. Now eat well, rest and believe in the blessing you are about to receive. ❤

  11. Marion on

    Your embies look great! Well done – especially with the ones that are frozen to! Maybe they will make a sibling? All the best for your 2ww, I see you test the day before my first scan. It will make it easy to remember for me. I’m still praying for your little miracle!

  12. sienna on

    this sounds very promising. *fingers crossed* :o)

  13. Melissa G. on

    OH MAN, 12 WHOLE Days?!?! That feels like so far away! =(

    So glad to hear that things are continuing to go MUCH better than with your old clinic. I really think this is finally going to be it for you!!!


    And HUGS!

  14. Lara on

    Seriously lovely embies, especially that bottom one. Congrats on your Fab Four!! {{{BABY DUST}}}

  15. strongblonde on

    🙂 this is sooooo amazing!! i’ve got high hopes, sending tons of good vibes and love your way!


  16. MariaE on

    Hey Dee,

    Wonderful news. Wishing you all the best and a BFP in 11 days time!

  17. Sharon on

    Well done Dee! Really hoping for good news! All the best for the 2ww!

  18. Leigh from 123 blog on

    your babies sound great! C & K were an 8 and a 9-cell 🙂

  19. RJ on

    Beautiful looking embabies! Sending you some lucky vibes …

  20. ldr1604 on

    What a brilliant cycle! So happy that all has gone well. All the best for the 9 day wait. Sorry about the date co-incidence, that must be difficult. (richardsl from FC)

  21. Erika on

    Good luck with the next 12 days! Hoping this is it!

  22. skrambled on

    Good luck, I am really hopeful for you.

  23. bratty37 on

    Awesome news….now lets round that off with a

  24. samcy on

    Fantastic news Dee! Here’s to a BFP on the 18th that goes ALL THE WAY!!


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