Transfer Day

Im transferring tomorrow. Two years ago tomorrow was the most dreadful day of my whole life. The 6th May 2008, I will never forget until the day I die. Our dreams were crushed and a small part of me was taken away, never to be the same again. My baby died that day.

I certainly didnt mean for it to happen this way but it seems it has.

Please God, send us back a life on the day that you took the last one, please, please, please.


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  1. Jen on

    Some things never leave us. Hopefully tomorrow will be the start of a rebirth. Lots of luck. 🙂

  2. RJ on

    To new beginnings!! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow … Remember, you have a great # of embies waiting for you; as my RE said on our transfer day, this is as good as it gets!

  3. sienna on

    girl, i’m thinking of you. best of luck tomorrow. and i’m praying for those embies to GROW GROW GROW!!! hope to hear AWESOME news tomorrow from you :o)

  4. Mash on

    6 May 2008 was my dad’s last birthday. Little did he know what lay ahead, 2 months further down the line. I’ll be thinking of you and him tomorrow. Send those cell children lots of love and golden light as they enter the mothership 🙂

    • dee on

      I am so sorry Mash. xxx

  5. skrambled on

    I’m really hoping for you.

  6. Fran on

    Oh my friend, I’ll have you in my prayers. Fran

  7. Cindyhoo2 on

    I join in with your prayer and I am hoping for a new life in your heart (and body) very soon to help heal this heartache.

  8. Marion on

    You are always in my prayers!

  9. Gail on

    Thinking of you all the way from Paris. Well done on the good egg yield and fert report. Lots of love xxx

  10. Melissa G. on

    Oh Dee. Hoping and praying with you hun.

    Sending LOTS of SUPER sticky vibes your way.

  11. ttcnot2easy on

    Good luck. I’ll be thinking of you.
    xxx Lisa-Marie

  12. Ab on

    Thinking of you Dee and wishing you lots of love and luck! xx

  13. Bratty on

    Sending you all my good wishes..Will be thinking of you

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