Work and Guilt

Isnt it always the case that when you need to do personal stuff, then work is always the busiest? My managers know that Im doing a cycle and I really appreciate their understanding but I wonder what they really think of me just not coming into work, especially when I have important stuff happening. Oh well, its just another spoke in the IF wheel that we have to deal with. I am supposed to be at a 3 day workshop, starting today AND its compulsory for everyone. I woke up this morning after a very restless night absolutely finished and in a fair amount of pain. Sitting in a workshop from 8 to 5pm just wasnt going to happen, no matter how hard I tried. I sent them a message to say Im at home today and they seemed ok with it but you never know if they actually are.

My stomach is so bloated its actually funny and my ovaries are pretty damn sore, lying down just makes things worse as it feels like my diaphragm is being sat on. I slept sitting up last night, gravity helps alot.

Its also my gorgeous hubby’s bday today and again I feel guilty that I just dont have the strength to go out and do anything later. I am making him a roast chicken with roast potatoes tonight so hopefully I wont win “worst wife of the year” award.

Just feeling guilty all round, its stupid I know.

PS the fert report results are still unknown, Im shitting myself. Still going to try not get them, at least for today. Urrggg.


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  1. Mash on

    Congrats on the phenomenal “harvest”!!! Good luck, good luck. THinking, praying, holding thumbs.

  2. Ab on

    Don’t feel guilty Dee – we have enough guilt already without sweating the small stuff! Hope you feel better soon hun. Praying those secret fert rates are amazing for you guys. xxx

  3. thepennychronicles on

    Oh wow… look after yourself. As a girl who’s suffered from OHSS, I feel your pain! Make sure you have lots of protein too – I found protein shakes were the easiest way to get your fill.

    I also took tablets which were new to help get rid of my OHSS (as well as an IV drip of fluids and protein – let’s hope you don’t get to that though), but damn! I can’t remember what they were called. Sorry. Perhaps you can ask your nurse or FS about them? They might know. Fat help I am, I know.

    Look after yourself. It’s not pleasant. And definately NO work. You need rest.

    Congrats on 22 eggs though. Fabulous haul! Here’s some positive thinking for fertilisation and division!

  4. skrambled on

    Eeeek, I’m hoping that those results are going to be great! I don’t think that you should feel guilty. It’s a very important time in your life. Hope all continues to go well.

  5. Marion on

    Don’t feel guilty. I remember with my 2nd IVF they got 14 eggs and I was very uncomfortable, bloated and sore. I’m sure you must be feeling worse, because you got so many more eggs! I can fully understand that you don’t want to sit all day in a workshop!

  6. samcy on

    Murphy’s law – gotta kill that bastard one day. Try not feel guilty honey, right now you need to put you first. Plain and simple and it sounds to me like you’re developing yourself a case of OHSS there. Take it very easy and drink water till you can’t drink no more, it will help ease the pain and the effects.


  7. bratty37 on

    Don’t worry about work…when you get back, give them a stirling performance and all will be forgotten

    Good luck on holding back on the fert reports..I would have crumbled by now

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