Fert Report

Firstly before you think I crumbled, I didnt. My clinic called me to discuss when I need to get my Intra.lipid drip and I gave the phone to my hubby who asked them himself. My heart was racing like crazy because his face didnt give anything away. But I think its good news…

From 18 ICSI we got 14 ferts (way better than we have ever had, normally we get around 50%) and from 4 IVF’s we got zero fert (as always). They did rescue ICSI on these but I dont hold out any hope for these 4.

So I can breathe a bit again. Not too shabby I think.


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  1. strongblonde on

    um…not too shabby is right! these are amazing numbers. i’m so happy for you and sending tons of positive vibes and thoughts your way!


  2. celia on

    That is awesome!

  3. Ceejay on

    Woohoo for the icsi! 14 is terrific! This is an excellent bit of news!

  4. Melissa G. on

    Hey! Sorry I’m a little late on commenting but YAY for 14 embies!!!

    Transfer day?

  5. RJ on

    That is fabulous news! What a great report!! Hope you can breathe a little easier now.

  6. Jen on

    Fabulous news!!!!!!!!

  7. skrambled on

    That is excellent! Well done and congratulations.

  8. Cedge on

    yeah!!!!!!!!! that is excellent. All good to go for tomorrow then. 🙂 I am sooooo happy for you and your DH.

  9. Mash on

    Well done, that’s awesome!!! You could be octomom if you wanted, and then some ha ha ha ha!

  10. peanuttam on

    That is excellent my friend, I’m sorry I’ve missed this all but you know that you are constantly in my thoughts. I really hope that this treatment is the thing that makes all the difference for you!

    P.s – how are those ovaries feeling? No OHSS?

    Big hugs and loads of love Xxx

  11. Ab on

    Amazing! Well done! xx

  12. Marion on

    14 is excellent! Well done! All the best for tomorrow, I presume you will doing ET tomorrow?

  13. Cstelle on

    Well done!!!! Best of luck for tomorrow!

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