ER Update

We got a massive 22 eggs!! YAY!!! Im doing OK, just a bit of pain but nothing too serious, still trying to drink my 3L to prevent any OHSS.

Those drugs they give you are freaking awesome. I asked for extra as I didnt want to run the risk of feeling anything, boy do they send you for a loop! They allow hubbys in the theatre which is new for me and it was very nice to hold my hubbys hand as they got started. I was amazed at how “un-freaked” out he was, normally he doesnt like any of this stuff.

Im starting Cle.xane tomorrow and having Intra.lipid after ET and then weekly until 20 weeks (yeah, I did just say that). We throwing everything at this cycle. (Marion – perhaps your BFP with IL made them more open to the idea?) 🙂

We have elected not to find out any fert reports (they stress me way too much), we just going to go there on Thursday to discuss transfer, hopefully with so many eggs we can have alot to choose from. Please say a small prayer for me and this cycle.

I officially have iPod eyes and hands, Im addicted to that thing. I spent the weekend downloading apps!!


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  1. RJ on

    Wow – awesome news! I’m sure you’ll have a good # of embabies from that batch.

  2. skrambled on

    That sounds so fantastic! I really hope that this is the one for you. Congrats on the great egg count.

  3. celia on

    22! hot damn!

  4. Fran on

    Super result!!! lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way, I’d never be able to resist without updates, but thursday is only 3 sleeps away. Love, Fran

  5. bratty37 on

    Good grief…that is alot of eggs…well done. Wishing you all the best for ET

  6. Cedge on

    I am so thrilled! This is a great result so far.

    I think we all will be praying for lots of awesome embies and maybe lots of frosties too. Yeah!!!

  7. samcy on

    WOW! 22 eggs is HUGE Dee – way to go you egg machine 😉

    Will be praying big time for you guys! This HAS to be it now! It just HAS to!!!


  8. evemeyer on

    Excellent result hun!

    Am thinking of you!

    x x x

  9. Cstelle on

    A lots of eggs!!! wow!!!!!

    Best of luck!!!

  10. sienna on

    holy cow! huge number – i’m sure you’ll get great embies out of that :o) i can only imagine that you’re uncomfy from all those follies, so rest up and hang in there! sending lots of *good vibes* your way :o)

  11. Jen on

    Congrats! That’s wonderful!!!!

  12. Ceejay on

    Wow! You’re bound to have tons of beautiful embryos out of 22 eggs! Good for you. I hope the evil OHSS stays far, far away!

  13. Marion on

    22 Eggs is amazing! I’m sure 1 or 2 should be good enough for you long anticipated baby/ies! Isn’t is nice that they allow hubby in? My DH loved it, and me to, because I interogated him about every detail that happened in there afterwards. All the best for ET on thursday!

    I must say it took some convincing for my 1st intralipid, but the 2nd and 3rd were no problem to get the prescription, especially with dr D – he seems quite interested in it.

    You won’t believe how hard I’m praying for a BFP for you too!

    • dee on

      Ha ha 🙂 I also interrogated hubby no end yesterday!!!

  14. Leigh from 123 blog on

    You are awesome!!! What an egg-making machine.

    Thank goodness you’re not in pain – I know what you mean about those fert reports. I would just not phone until Robynne said “if you don’t, I will” and still I waited right until 10 am 🙂

  15. ttcnot2easy on

    YOWZA!!!!! That’s pretty damned awesome!! 22!! Cripes! Holding thumbs for you and looking forward to your next update! GOOD LUCK!

  16. Ab on

    22 eggs!! That is amazing….to think you ever did DE is crazy. Absolutely brilliant Dee!xx

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