Happy Days

Firstly its a happy day because its my birthday! Yes its hard to face YET another year with no baby but its very nice to get phonecalls and messages from friends and family – it makes you feel special. My gorgeous husband bought me the new iPod touch. I LOVE gadgets and this is such an awesome one, Ive been playing all day long!! I absolutely love gadgets, he knows me well!!

Secondly I scanned this morning and everything is going ok. My dose is being reduced today to only 150IU and I will trigger tomorrow night. Follie sizes are around 17mm, lining a good 11mm. ER Monday. E2 levels “good” (I didnt ask numbers or else I will stress). Im ready for this!!

Thanks to Mash for your comment on my last post, you actually have no idea how much this comment helped me. And to Marion – after 10 years she got her first BFP!! Congrats sweety, its such fantastic news!!

Have a good weekend all, will report back on Monday after ER.


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  1. Fran on

    Happy birthday!! I love gadgets too!!! May this be your year my friend, happy trigger!

  2. Lara on

    Happy birthday!!!! I love gadgets too, I sleep with my iphone next to my bed so it’s the last thing I play with at night (much to DH’s dismay 😉 ) and firts thing in the morning!

    Your cycle sounds like it’s going great. I know from your last post that feeling of ‘been here, done that’. But for some of us, it just takes a bunch of go-rounds. You sound like you have a great chance this time around!

  3. Marion on

    I love you prezzie! I’m so glad everything is going well! I really, really, really hope this will be the cycle where you concieve your baby! You have been through the mill enough and I just wish it could end for you!

  4. Melissa G. on


    What a wonderful hubby you have there. I LOVE my apple gadgets!!!

    WOW I can’t believe your going to trigger tomorrow night!!! That’s SO crazy. I am hoping an praying like you wouldn’t believe…You deserve this so much!

    Hugs and Birthday Cake, I’ll be sure to toast to you tonight!

  5. RJ on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know it can be a little bittersweet – mine was 2 weeks ago and I felt a little down at turning 32 with no babies. But things can change quickly.

    Best of luck at retrieval. You’re almost there chica, hang in there.

  6. thepennychronicles on

    Happy birthday for yesterday! Love the pressie! Apple really has their act together these days.

    And happy trigger day! ET is a nervewracking time (as is the following week as you go through the fertilisation and embryo growth stage).

    Mash’s advice last post was excellent. Just take one moment at a time. Live in the now. One foot after the other, and you’ll get there. It was all that got me through travelling to another country to do DEIVF over the last couple of weeks.

    You can do it! I know you can. We’ll be thinking of you every step of the way. Go get ’em girl!

  7. samcy on

    Glad you had an awesome birthday and I love your Pressie! Lucky bum! All going so well with the cycle so far – thinking of you and praying that this is THE one Dee.


  8. Sharon on

    So glad you had a great birthday! All the best for ER!

  9. sienna on

    happy happy birthday!!! hope you had a great one :o) are you downloading app’s like crazy on your iphone?? hubby downloaded so many when i got mine, that i had to take the phone away from him and remind him that it was *MINE*! sounds like all is progressing well with this cycle. *fingers crossed* and goodluck with trigger tomorrow :o)

  10. MommyInWaiting on

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great day and got a new gadget to play with.

  11. Mash on

    Glad I could help, and thinking of you lots. Hang in there!!!

  12. Bratty on

    Happy Happy delayed Birthday…

    Will be praying that this is your last treatment cycle…

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