Scan Day update

I scanned today – I have a lot of follies, around 8-10 on each ovary. Approximately 13mm each. Im staying on the 375IU dose for now but to be honest Im not sure how much more I can take. My ovaries are on fire and Im starting to bloat up like the Michelin man. My ovaries have obviously discovered that there is no other way except to move OUTWARDS. I spoke to my doc about OHSS but he seems happy for now that everything is OK, no fluid in the abdomen etc.

I got a bit weepy today as we have been at this point so many times before. I normally stim well its what comes next thats so difficult (ER/ET). I pray so hard that this is the last cycle I will have to do this to myself. Its hard going. Im obviously immensely grateful that I am able to do this but gees this pain is ridiculous.

Im also 31 on Friday (the 30th) and that isn’t making things any easier. Another fucking year down…

Im also extremely upset. Melissa from Banking on It sent me the Eventually necklace in February and I STILL don’t have it. Freaking hell Im so bummed out about it, I want to cry. Im very, very sad about this. Fucking Post Office. I bet you some idiot is wearing my gorgeous necklace.


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  1. Sharon on

    I will be praying that this will be the last!!!!!!

  2. Sharon on

    I will be praying that this will be the last. Eat a high protein diet and drink lots of water for the OHSS. I developed stage II OHSS from only 16 eggs at retreival so anything is possibe!

  3. lastchanceivf on

    Well, I know it sucks to feel so badly but hooray for lots of follies! Protein and gatorade (or any salty/electrolyte drink) will help.

    Go follies go!

  4. mommyinwaiting on

    Oh this struggle gets harder and harder. I’m keeping fingers crossed this is your last time you have to put yourself through all this and that the good news you get in a few weeks time makes this all seem worthwhile. Take care of yourself.

  5. ttcnot2easy on

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way – I really am. That ovarian pain is a b1tch! I had forgotten all about it .. or rather, probably surpressed it somehow.
    Wishing you strength, love and light.
    Oh – and sorry about the necklace! Farking post office.. Tch.

  6. Ab on

    Praying this is the last cycle hun. Great egg number! Holding thumbs for you and hoping the pain eases up for you. xx

  7. Cedge on

    oh dear. Seems like you are really going through this mill this time. I know how uncomfortable you must be feeling.

    So far so good though. I do have hope for you. 🙂

    Grow follies grow!

  8. Mash on

    Hang in there my friend. Take very long, slow, deep breaths. This is a very effective yoga technique, which seems to simple to be true, but it honestly works. Very slow breath in, and equally slow exhale. The stomach must expand on the inhale (in times of anxiety we sometimes breath backwards) and the shoulders mustn’t move at all. It works extremely well for both pain and anxiety.

    And forget about everything else, just focus on getting through this hour, right now. One tiny step at a time. Forget about ER/ET until the day it’s happening. Just focus on today, drinking enough water and getting three nutritious meals.

    The outcome will be the outcome, no matter how much you do or don’t stress about it.

    Big Fat HUG!

  9. Cindyhoo2 on

    This cycle sounds great! Your ovaries seem to be participating well and discomfort with 20 follicles seems normal– though miserable. I am sorry for your emotional turmoil: I know it comes from the been here before feeling. Try to keep in mind that each cycle is different and you really can get a better result this time! I like the advice to breathe and stay in the moment. I will also suggest rest and Gatorade too. ((hugs))

  10. samcy on

    Sounds good to me honey. Drink plenty of water to avoid OHSS – I got a very severe case of it with only 10 eggs! So rather just monitor it…

    Please, please God let this one be the last one!


  11. Bratty on

    I will be praying along with the above ladies….in the meantime, drink up and enjoy your 2 litres of water at day

  12. Marion on

    Happy birthday! It’s also my sister’s birthday today, but she is quite a bit older than you.

    All the best for this cycle and I certainly hope that this will also be your last and that you will get at least 1 healthy baby out of this. I’m thinking of you in my prayers!

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