Please remind me

Am I supposed to be having ovary pain already? Please remember that the last time I stimmed was in Jan 2009 and I cant remember if I get ovary pains from day 1 of stims.

This is a pic of my tummy (only 2 days of stims), I seem to be bruising so badly:

Ive been reading the most interesting book by Dr Alan, “Is Your Body Baby Friendly” the world’s immune system specialist who helped many women fall pregnant who were told there isnt any hope left.

 I love to read up on this kind of subject and some of the things that he says is so interesting. He said that after even ONE failed IVF you need to seriously consider immune therapy. He says often women with repeated IVF failure have had to turn to donor eggs (*raise hand*). The thing is that I have had extensive immuno testing and nothing out of the ordinary has come up. Do you think Im barking up the wrong tree? Maybe it is *just* an egg/embryo quality issue. Two people I know had no indication they had any immune issues except for multiple m/c’s. They did a few tests which didnt show anything wrong, both tried Cle.xane and fell pregnant again and carried to term with the help of Cle.xane. I guess what Im trying to do is give myself a reason for so many failed cycles.

I also wish that our SA clinics did more comprehensive testing of immune issues like NK cell assay or antibody assays. I feel too often that I have to tell the doctors what to do or what to try next, I suppose that comes with the territory of being a VET. Ive been through the archives of Fert.ilicare and its amazing to see the different attitudes of the clinics to immune issues. No two clinics use the same immune protocol and this makes me worry that they actually dont know if what they are doing is correct?

You can see where my mind is today…

Dr’s website is: Its an excellent summary of his book and a good read for anyone who has suffered a m/c or repeated IVF failure.


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  1. bratty37 on

    Ouch….that looks eina….rub it with Arnica Oil..helps with the bruising..

  2. skrambled on

    I have that book! What you say is very interesting. My mom is convinced that I have an immune system problem and that it is genetic. It seems our family suffers from many auto immune issues. Do you think that Intralipds are the answer? I only used them on my FET and I’m hoping that they will make the difference in this fresh cycle.

    Me thinks I must read through that book!!

    • dee on

      Hi S, you know I dont think Intralipid is the only solution. I think you should speak to Dr J about meticorten/predisone (a steroid)and/or Clexane – see the book, its got so much info in it.

  3. Melissa G. on

    Dee, you are the perfect example of someone being their own advocate. I continue to be impressed by your initiative and the amount of research you do.

    Unfortunately I have no advice regarding the stims, but I’m sorry for the pain and bruising.

    Thinking of you!

  4. RJ on

    Hey – thanks for the congrats 🙂
    Looks like you’re a good bruiser like me. The blood draws are the worst though! I seriously have tracks. I’m happy you’re back to cycling – you’ll be in my thoughts this month! Wishing you loads of luck.

  5. Rachel on

    Ouch, looks painful! Best wishes this cycle.

  6. Mash on

    So interesting! IVF is effectively a roll of the dice. They can only control up to fertilization and after that, implantation, is still a mystery to them. That’s what I’ve learned about doctors in general, they certainly don’t know everything, and there is no right or wrong way to approach it, so each uses their own preferences. My dentist once told me he went on a conference, and each dentist was given the same x-ray and had to say how they would handle the problem. 7 Dentists each gave 7 different answers. That’s why it’s so important to do your own research, and listen to your own intuition 😉 It knows your body better than your doctor does. I know nothing about immune issues, but if you feel that’s an issue for you, definitely find out as much as you can about it!

  7. samcy on

    nice to have you back in the world Dee. Hope that this cycle works so we can have you here in the city for a while longer 😉

    I don’t normally get ovary pain until very late in the stim part of treatment but I also have an extremely high pain threshold so I’m not the right person to ask about this…

    Praying for you guys.


  8. Willow on

    Ugh, I can just feel the pain from that picture–brings back memories of my many IVF stabbings, and anxiety about more to come…but I hope it all pays off soon for you!

    Also, thank you so much for your comment on my post about approaching my cousins about donating eggs. I had thought of contacting them each separately but in a way feel like it takes the pressure off some if I contact them both–also since these cousins are sisters I thought maybe it would be helpful for them to discuss it and to know I contacted both of them at the same time? But it’s a good point you raise and I need to think about it. I see you are using a known donor–how did you approach her??

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