So Im finally back, at home, in my own bed, eating normal food and trying to take a deep breath. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, the last time I looked at the calendar was in March. Ive put on about three thousand kg’s in the last few weeks. Every night before my sisters wedding was socialising, eating, drinking etc. Im surprised I could fit into my dress!

If this next story doesnt blow your mind or at least give you goose bumps then I dont know – For those that have been following my blog for a while you will remember that my uncle was murdered last year, on the 15th April. He was very much on our minds at the wedding but the universe works in mysterious ways. Our whole family had booked out the lodge where the wedding was taking place but the owner said that there was one regular couple who was insisting that they stay on Friday night so we had to do a bit of rearranging with the accommodation. Anyways we opened a HUGE 6L bottle of wine that my uncle was given as a birthday present, we thought that is was the right time to do so and we were all sitting around talking about him and my mom was crying. Then these guests arrive to stay the night and who does it turn out to be but my uncle’s house doctor and very good friend. It was like my uncle sent him there that night to say that he was there in spirit and thinking about us. There is no such thing as a coincidence and even now whilst typing this I cannot believe how special that was for all of us. We just knew he was there with us.

The wedding was absolutely spectacular. The predicated 95% rain held off and instead we had bright sunny skies. For anyone who knows the Midlands area in Natal, its so beautiful in any kind of weather but we were rather relieved that we didn’t have to bring out the umbrellas. I did my speech and cried only a little, then finally we all relaxed and had a wonderful party. I finally crawled into bed in the very early hours of the morning. All the running around, organising and preparing has left me feeling absolutely exhausted. I had to get up for work this morning and would have literally paid money to stay in bed. For those that know me on FB, I have an album up of photos.

And in other news I start stims today. AF decided to appear a few days early but it should all work out in the end. Im aiming for ER on the 3rd May, really hope it works out like that. Ive had a dull headache for the last few days which I cant tell if its from late nights, exhaustion or Lu.crin. Im hoping that the stims will help ease it a bit.

Please, please, please keep us in your prayers as we start another cycle. There have been a few BFP’s in cyberspace lately and how I wish I can be the next one.

We have made a few other life-changing decisions over the last few weeks. One is that should this cycle not work out we will be moving back to Durban. The company I currently work for have an excellent maternity leave which is one of the reasons we have stayed here so long. Six months full pay is quite reasonable BUT I cant put my life on hold any longer and I refuse to give ttc any further airtime than it deserves. Being in Durban with my family this weekend meant so much to me so we are putting it out there and hoping the perfect job will land in our laps. Then again should the cycle be successful I will gladly spend another year+ with my current company. I love this company but I don’t love how far away it is to my family.

My first scan is next week Wednesday, funny how you wait so long for it to come and then it all happens at once.


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  1. Kimbal on

    Dee… the 3rd of may is a good day for ER… its my bday. I for one would be sad to see you go to Durban BUT very happy that you would be with your family.

    Pls keep me posted.

  2. sienna on

    you’ve been mia for a bit! wondering what was going on :o) i’m sending you lots of *good vibes* and *best wishes* that this next round is a lucky one for you :o)

  3. skrambled on

    I was wondering what happened to you!!! That story about the wedding is A-mazing.Good luck good luck!I’ll be holding thumbs and toes and………

  4. Mash on

    Wow, yes, those moments are so amazing (when someone who has passed on lets you know they are still around). I love it!

    I’m hoping this is it for you, really hoping. Holding thumbs, crossing fingers and toes 🙂

  5. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Oh yes! I love the goosebumps (are we on the same wavelength? just yesterday i wrote about my goosebumps)

    I must admit, I wondered why you lived here as it is so evident how close you are with your family and how much more you “come alive” after being with them.

    Then again, 6 months maternity leave is GREAT

  6. celia on

    That is wise,I refused to even buy clothes for four years because I might get pregnant and then I wouldn’t need them. You can imagine what I looked like. Anyhow, I missed out on a lot of fun and opportunities.

  7. Ceejay on

    Yep, at some point we do have to live our lives. It just makes all the pain of infertility worse when we put everything on hold. So I’m glad you have a plan. And I really hope this cycle works out for you.

  8. Abs on

    Good luck Hun! I’ll def be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during your cycle. Hoping this is it for you guys! ((Hugs))

  9. Gail on

    Hi Dee. Wishing you all the best with this cycle. Will be thinking of you! xxx

  10. Sharon on

    Sounds like you’ve had an awesome time. Really hoping that your next IVF be the one!!!!!
    Will be keeping you in my prayers!

  11. bratty37 on

    Welcome back…..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

  12. mommyinwaiting on

    Living away from your family is just so hard to deal with, there are so many things it feels as though you miss out on or can’t be a part of. I so totally get your drive to move to Durban.

    Good luck with your cycle, let’s hope you get to use that awesome maternity leave in 9 months time!

  13. Marion on

    All the best for this cycle! I’m praying very hard that this will be it for you! You have waited long enough already!

  14. ttcnot2easy on

    Wow – that is amazing and you were right about the goose bumps!!!

    Saw the wedding pics – you looked just gorgeous and that colour you wore was beautiful!

    Thinking of you during this cycle love.

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