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Its been a while since I blogged (you can see that from the length of this post). Work and life is very busy. I don’t know how people find the time to blog everyday? I wish I could, then you wouldn’t have to read such long posts when I do!! A little bit of this and a little bit of that has happened.

I had a HUGE argument with this arrogant estate agent who is leasing out one of our properties. After the tenant not paying for March or April he just decided to tell them to leave at the end of April, instead of actually reading HIS contract which stipulates they need to leave within 7 days of non-payment. He was so incredibly horrible to me on the phone, he actually made me cry. I know how pathetic is that? I have no idea how some people just think they can do and say as they wish. He slammed the phone down in my ear twice and I had to call HIM back and then HE told me I was full of nonsense?? I was flabbergasted.

Then last year I was given donor embryos at a clinic in Cape Town (yes, yet ANOTHER clinic) which we declined to use last year already. Then that RE contacted me to find out if I was still going to use them and then a whole long series of miscommunications ensued. I was excited as I always like a back-up plan and I was grateful that they were still ours, then they had been given to someone else, then they were ours again then we had to use them now (which we cant) then they were given away to another couple. All this up down nonsense was a bit tough. But the RE apologized profusely and said he will find us more if we still wanted to go that route. It appears I have a lot of RE’s working on our “case” 🙂

And then we got the results back from Prof Kruger’s lab for my DH’s sperm morphology. Please remember that this is THE Kruger who invented the Strict Kruger method of testing for sperm morphology.

The result is 6%.


6% normal shaped sperm. I could have danced around the freaking room. Every test my hubby has ever had has been nothing more than 2%, it normally hovers around 1% and has been as low as 0%. I had to ask if they had the right person as I cant quite understand how it can jump so high. Apparently some labs are quite strict. A lot more strict than the “Strict Kruger” way of testing and so we have been told that its actually not as bad as what we originally thought. With a count of over 200 million, a morphology of 6% and a DNA fragmentation test of 35%, I would say that isn’t a shabby semen analysis. A far cry better than the 20 million, 0% we had 2 years ago.

We had an appointment with Prof Kruger himself to go through our history and get his take on an IVF protocol etc. What shocked me is that he feels we could try naturally. Ha ha ha ha, wait whilst I peel myself off the floor from laughing. What I gathered from him is that he isn’t one to rush into IVF. He wanted us to try Clom.id for a few months, just to try and get my cycle a bit more regular, ovulate regularly and take it from there. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t want to rush into IVF and he is the first doctor who has ever suggested that we try naturally (bearing in mind he is seeing the 6% morphology whereas other doctors have always seen the 0-1%). He said they do it differently in Cape Town than in Johannesburg and I can see that. A more natural approach it appears. He didn’t really want to discuss IVF protocols so I left it at that and he just snickered when I mentioned donor eggs/sperm. He also said he had great hope for us as we have achieved a pregnancy once before (gosh – did we really? Seems forever ago).

Obviously you have seen that I got my meds last week. My protocol is different to anything Ive ever tried – long protocol with 20 units of Luc.rin, 5 amps Fosti.mon, predis.none (steroid), Ges.tone and Clex.ane. I also found out that my favourite embryologist is away at a conference and is only back on the 3rd May which means Ive had to delay the start of my cycle by a few days. I want her to ICSI my eggs as Ive been talking to her and also she has the report generated from Prof Kruger’s lab. So it seems I take my last pill on the 18th April and start stimming the next week (just in time for my 31st bday on the 30th April)

When I collected my meds the IVF sister was so kind and patient with us. She is fantastic and followed up with an email to ask if we are OK. She has done IVF herself and I think that helps with her compassion. Ive found that having a sister that you can call up and ask questions without feeling like you doing her a disservice makes the whole IVF experience a whole lot better.

I wont be around much for the next few weeks as I will be doing lots of wedding stuff. Hair, nails, facials, eyebrow threading (my first time), massages etc. Its so hard to be beautiful….This is such a special time for my sister and I want to enjoy it with her. I love the build-up to a special occasion, its so butterflies-in-your-tummy exciting. I am doing a speech at the reception and I have no idea how Im going to get through it without crying. Even reading it makes me want to cry.

So basically we are ready and waiting…


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  1. jill on

    I have the same problem – I don’t post regularly and then my posts are so long! I feel bad for anyone reading. haha

    Well that’s some good news about the SA! Wishing you lots of luck for this upcoming cycle.

    Have a great time with the wedding and wedding prep! Crying while giving the speech is normal – try not to worry about it! 🙂

  2. Ceejay on

    That’s terrific news on your husband’s SA! What a huge relief. Maybe his spermies have actually improved, who knows? Have a great time with all the wedding stuff. Hopefully it will help take your mind off IF for a while!

  3. Gail on

    Great news about the SA!! You are sounding very upbeat and positive which is fantastic! Wishing you all the best with this IVF. I will be crossing my fingers for you. xxx

  4. Bratty on

    That is frickin amazing news….it is damn fantastic that someone somewhere out there believes in “natural”….I wish you all the best.

    Enjoy the wedding

  5. Abs on

    Great news Dee, I’m amazed that different clinics can vary in opinion so much! It’s a bit scary really. Good luck with this cycle. It all sounds very positive! xxx

  6. samcy on

    Sorry that dude was such an asshole – I would be firing his ass right about now if I were you… letting agents are a dime a dozen. Ass hole!!

    GREAT news about hubby! So so excited for you Dee. Really hoping and praying that this is THE one for you both. You deserve it.


  7. Theresa on

    Where did you have the SA done? I’d like to drag my DH to the same test – as it would be interesting to know. Especially since you got such drastic different results!
    PS. I’m in JHB…

  8. thepennychronicles on

    I’m so glad you liked Prof. Kruger. I can’t wait to meet him on 12 April! I somehow doubt he’ll be telling us to go the natural route sadly, though I’ll be interested to see if he does any re-testing of DP’s sperm and what the results are.

    So many real estate agents are @rses aren’t they? I’ve met a few lovely ones, but most are…. well, like yours. Can him if you can. People shouldn’t be financially rewarded for being nasty.

    Best of luck for your speech. They say read it through six times out loud beforehand and you’ll get rid of the tears. Sadly that’s never worked for me though!

  9. skrambled on

    Great! I’ll be hoping and praying that this is your last IVF.

  10. Melissa G on

    Gah, where have I been?!?!

    I’m thrilled to see that hubby’s boys are improving! And that you’re getting so much closer to your start time.

    Hang in there, I’ll be thinking of you!!!

    Oh and have fun with your sister!

  11. strongblonde on

    somehow i missed this post! glad to hear about the better numbers! i think it says something that the guy who invented the scale is finding better results, you know

    i hope you have a great time with your sister! 🙂


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