A thousand words…


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  1. sienna on

    drugs drugs galore!! we had a friend of dh stay with us for a few days last month and he forgot to bring his camera during his visit, so he asked to borrow ours. i had 2 pics on there of all my ivf meds, and he later asked dh “are one of you sick? what the hell is this picture??!” heehee! *goodluck*

  2. Myndi on

    Oh, I do remember that delivery. Very, very exciting to have it all show up! This is real, this is real my brain screamed.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Melissa G on

    Woooo, let the follie growing BEGIN!!!

    This is it Dee, I can feel it!

  4. Cindyhoo2 on

    That is one large pile of meds you have there!! If I had to write 1000 words about the picture, it would be something like this: ouch my stomach, ouch my arm, ouch my bum, and repeat. 🙂 Or maybe I would send strength and luck 500x each.

  5. liddy on

    I don’t have 1,000 words.. but best of luck.

    Liddy from
    No. 144: the unfair struggle (male-factor, speedskating, life)

  6. tasivfer on

    I’m off to my clinic to pick up stuff for my next cycle!

  7. Abs on

    That picture is all too familiar Dee. Lets hope this is the very last batch of meds you’ll need! xx

  8. ttcnot2easy on

    Oh god. Shoo.. I forgot what that’s like..
    Good luck honey!!
    xxx Lisa-Marie

  9. samcy on

    And so it begins… again. Please God let this be the last time this wonderful woman has to face this sight. Let her new bundle of stuff be baby grows, nappies and dummies etc.

    Thinking of you and praying for you honey.


  10. peanuttam on

    That sure is a scary sight sweets, kinda reminds me of the already full ice cream tub of used needles I have in my cupboard!!

    Good luck sweets, I’ll be with you all the way and cheering you on 😉

    Big hugs and much love Xxx

  11. Fran on

    Jeez I hate looking at the meds and thinking…all that will go into me…cycling together?? woohoo!! Let’s really be each other’s fertility goddess! If my little penguin survive the thaw we may probably be a week apart. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses, Fran

  12. Bratty on

    LOL…that is so funny…and exciting. I do not think people realize the amount of medication that is needed…

    Good luck

  13. Pregnant Yuppy on

    It’s really not as bad as it seems. Good luck!


  14. Catrisha T on

    You’re box full o’ meds must of arrived. 🙂 Good Luck growing some awesome follies.

    ICLW #33

  15. Marion on

    All the best for your upcoming treatment! I hope this will be the last you will ever have to do! I’m really praying hard for a BFP for you!

  16. Stefanie on

    Good luck, I haven’t taken a picture of my meds yet, I think I will with our next cycle

  17. strongblonde on

    i was always nervous and excited when i got my drugs. 🙂 i really hope this is the last time you take this picture!!


  18. Kristin on

    Wowsers, these pictures always shock me with the sheer amount of drugs and needles. Good luck!

    ~ICLW #31

  19. Christina on

    Wow! Overwhelming and exciting at the same time! Wishing you the best of luck!

  20. LastChance on

    Well, there’s two ways to look at it (when you’re old veterans like us!)…holy crap that’s a lot of drugs to inject and that cost a small fortune but also…HOPE in a syringe 🙂
    Can’t wait to follow the progress!

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