An Update of Sorts

Ive been busy…

Last week I started getting a few missed calls from a “Private number”. Then it started at midnight. My sister was travelling overseas so of course, being the neurotic that I am I started panicking, couldn’t sleep etc etc. I DO NOT appreciate my sleep being interrupted. It appears it was my stalker.

By Wednesday I had to do something about him. So I called him on the work number I wrote down the last time he called me (I think he was shocked I had his number) and asked him in a polite way to fuck off. It turns out that he found my details (wait for this – you going to love this one…) via a company that he knows does work for my company. He then got a contact in my company, phoned that person and that person gave him all my details (I cant even tell you how creeped out this made me feel). I was extremely mad and told him so. I am so irritated that some idiot had the power to make me feel so unsafe. I asked him nicely to please leave me alone and to never contact me again. For now it appears he has listened.

My husband is sick, well not sick as such but he has a spasm in his back which appears to be pretty painful. This was not a good thing on the same weekend that our tenant decided to move out and we I had to go and clean up our flat. Our tenant leaving is another story all together. We found out via a call from the neighbour that he was packing a van. We jumped in the car and raced over to ask him what was going on and found out that he was just going to leave without telling us. Nice.

Which left me to clean the flat out and all the shit he decided to leave behind including a couch and 2 armchairs. Going through all his crap made me feel quite sad for the guy. I could see he has a lot of debt, tons of Lotto tickets, lots of empty bottles of alcohol so even though I was mad at the thought of not getting our rent this month, I also felt for the guy.  

Its also my sisters bridal shower this weekend which I am organising. I love organising events but somehow Im battling with this one as I want it to be extra-special for my sister. Ive got some games, a ridiculous outfit for her to wear, catered food at a lovely restaurant so it should be good. Not sure why Im doubting myself.

My 92 year old gran forgot my mom’s bday yesterday. That was so sad as I had to call to remind her. I think she is allowed off the hook at 92 but she was horrified when I told her. My mom was so sad yesterday, her own mom forgot her bday, her brother was murdered last year, her dad passed away, my sister was overseas and Im 600kms away. I wanted to jump in the car and go and see her but Im already going this weekend for the bridal shower. It made me sad.

The gifting has been going well. I baked my neighbour a bday cake, gave away a pot of food to the church, donated an old bean bag to a home, gave our old mattress to our maid, started looking for a car to buy my ex-gardener (of which he will pay us back) – looong story…and fetched, carried and basically did everything for my husband whilst he had his back spasm, shame that doesn’t count I don’t think.

And finally AF is here. So I start the pill this week and go and gets my meds next week from my new clinic.


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  1. celia on

    Do not forget to document this loon. Also, I am sure someone in the other company would want to know this happened. So that it doesn’t happen again. Hopefully you shocked him into leaving you alone.

  2. Jen on

    Wow, what a weekend! I still can’t believe that your company gave out personal information, as really, the only thing another company needs is your work line. That sucks about your tenant too. As much as he might be going through hard time, a phone call to you isn’t too much to ask really. I hope your husband feels better soon! Meds are coming–whoot!

  3. Sian on

    That stalker thing is creepy! I get really annoyed that men think they can do that!!! Good luck with the next cycle. I’ll be watching you….in an uncreepy kinda way!

  4. Mash on

    That is TOTALLY not on. Wow. People like that get off on fear, so make sure you are calm if he calls again and you tell him to f off. He surely can’t believe that this behaviour is going to swing the vote in his direction??? Nutter. On the gifting thing – well done. I have been falling off the wagon a bit, but you are inspiring me to continue!

  5. Melissa G on

    Wow busy times for you! Glad to hear that AF FINALLY showed so that you can get this next cycle on the road!

    Back spasms are NO fun, I promise… Sorry to hear DH is suffering with them.

  6. samcy on

    What a weirdo that dude is – hope he got the message and leaves you alone now!

    I hope you enjoy the bridal shower – get lots of family love and hugs and just live in the moment of it all…

    Glad to hear AF showed – will be keeping a strong eye on you and will be praying too.


  7. ttcnot2easy on

    Flip.. that dodgy effing man!!!!!!! What a tit!!! So glad that you seem to be rid of him now!

    Sorry for all the poo that you’ve gone through inbetween too!! Hope things start looking up soon!!

    Good luck on the upcoming cycle!

    xx Lisa-Marie

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