29 Gifts

I came across this awesome idea on the internet. A lady, living with multiple sclerosis (as some may remember, one of my friends was diagnosed with MS last year, so I do try and help her emotionally where I can) was given a “prescription” by a healer to give 1 gift away, each day for 29 days.

This is her story:

The first day of my personal 29-Day Giving Challenge was preceded by a sleepless night. I was awake all night feeling angry and sorry for myself during a difficult flare up of my Multiple Sclerosis. When insomnia hits, I often go through old journals and read them. I found a note that I’d made during a phone session with one of my spiritual teachers, Mbali Creazzo, two months before. The note said, “Give something away each day for 29 days.” It was 3 a.m. and I decided in that moment to take the suggestion.

And so my 29-Day Giving Challenge began that morning as I gave my first gift — a simple supportive phone call to another friend living with MS. I woke up the next day and the next day after that feeling excited about what I might give away. And I began to notice that the more I gave away, the more abundance I was experiencing for myself.

I wanted to see what would happen in my life if I really committed and focused my energy on giving for 29 days.What space would it create in my life for new and unexpected things to occur? What shifts would I see in my thinking and behavior as a result? What impact would my gifts have on others? These were just a few of the questions I was curious about in the beginning, but there’s no way I could have anticipated what unfolded for me.

By Day 29, I was astounded by the magical and miraculous shifts in my energy for life:

  • I was feeling happier, healthier, and more in awe with life.
  • I found myself smiling and laughing more.
  • My body got stronger and I was able to stop walking with my cane by Day 14.
  • My business exploded with new, unexpected opportunities and I was able to go back to work part-time again after months of being too sick to work.
  • I began connecting with a community of new friends in Los Angeles after feeling isolated in my new home for several months. With help from the website, I also reconnected with my community of friends from San Franciscio and the Midwest, where I had lived previously.
  • My creativity opened up and I began writing stories regularly.
  • I began experiencing a deeper intimacy in my relationship with my husband, family and friends.

The list of changes goes on and on. This is only the beginning.

I want to try this. So Im going to try and give at least one thing away each day for the next 29 days. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost anything, which is the best part! I will blog a bit about how it goes. I figured its a good way to spend the time whilst waiting for my cycle in April and without loosing my mind too much 🙂 Is anyone going to join me?


13 comments so far

  1. samcy on

    This sounds like a great idea – I might just be someone who will do it with you…


  2. Bratty on

    I read a book lately about a couple that decided to have “nookies” for 100 days…..it was amazing how when we focus on positive re-inforcement how our lives do change…

    I wish you all the best on your venture…I think I will give it a skip because I am probably going to loose my mind with my upcoming IVF…smile

  3. Mash on

    I’m in!

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  5. jill on

    Lots of luck to you! It sounds very interesting. I’d be afraid I wouldn’t be able to think of 29 things to give…

  6. Leigh from 123 blog on

    i’m keen but tell me what kind of things you give – out of ideas beyond obvious. And to who? anyone?

    I’ll actually start on Sat as i already have an impromptu gift for someone 🙂

    ooh this is going to be such fun

    • dee on

      The gifts you can give away can be literally anything. I see it as anything that means something to someone else. A phonecall, an sms, a bunch of flowers, a card, a back rub, cooking dinner, making tea, running an errand for someone else etc etc. These are just some of the things Ive come up with. Its actually fun to sit and think about something special you can do for the people you know. xxx

  7. kimbosue on

    What a great idea!


  8. Sabine on

    Great idea – let us know how you get on. Think i will join you when i get back from my work trip!

  9. exceptformondays on

    what a neat journey! ICLW

  10. mommyinwaiting on

    This is a great idea! I can’t promise to join you completely but I already have the first gift ready to go. Months ago I made a card in a great card class which I decided I would give to my MIL and I just haven’t got around to it yet. Well there is no time like the present!

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    […] gifting has been going well. I baked my neighbour a bday cake, gave away a pot of food to the church, […]

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