January Blues

It seems to me that a lot of fellow bloggers are battling emotionally. For those in the same boat as me (repeated IVF failure), its hard to deal with the reflections of 2009 and trying to look forward with optimism to 2010. The festive season, it appears, was hard for a lot of us. Im still battling. I wanted to make an appointment to see my therapist but I just don’t have the energy to go over there and speak to her (she’s at my old clinic and I think that’s another reason why I don’t want to go there). Maybe Ill call her.

We see our new FS next week Wednesday. The plan is that we want to try another IVF, using our own gametes. I haven’t had any stim meds since last year January so Im hoping that I can produce some nice eggs. We want to try PICSI this time round and also want to do the sperm DNA test that this clinic offers. I think going to a new clinic gives us a bit more hope, oh and its cheaper, so less time needed to save. We are looking at an April cycle, just as the astrologer said. If this cycle works I’ll fly to London and kiss her myself.  

Ive started googling “egg quality” half to death. Ive started eating my carbs before 3pm to try and help with the insulin spike at night interfering with the growth hormone. Im on Vit E, C, omegas, antioxidants and Wheatgrass.

B.R.I.N.G-I.T-O.N. Any other suggestions on how to improve egg quality?  

So, this is me – gearing up for IVF #7. Lucky 7 I believe. Its strange that after a year of conditioning my mind towards donor egg, now we will be using my own eggs again. I think I gave up too quickly on myself. I wanted a baby so much and I was pretty certain DE would be the key and now I see that perhaps it isn’t. If I am honest with myself, it would mean the world to me to be able to have a child that is genetically mine and DH’s but if that is not meant to be then Im OK with that too. This is all a journey but what I wouldn’t give for a magic crystal ball.


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  1. Sharon on

    All the best for your upcoming IVF Dee! I think you’ve got it all covered in terms of your egg quality. I implemented all those changes with my last IVF and it did improve my egg quality, also cut out the smokes and the alcohol.
    Really hoping this is it for you!

  2. skrambled on

    Good luck with the IVF Dee, I really really hope it works. Apparently smoking is bad bad bad for eggies. So maybe try and stop. I’m holding thumbs.

  3. Jen on

    Wow! I’m happy that you’ve made a decision that makes you more comfortable! I can’t wait to see how it goes. {hugs}

  4. Lara (NoodleGirl) on

    I also added in Royal Jelly/Bee Pollen a few months ago. Plus, my latest protocol was heavy on Menoupur (450 Menopur/150 Gonal-f) and adding in an antagonist very early, on Day 3. Though this made me stim very slowly (18 days!!), my E2 levels where WAY higher than ever before which is supposed to be indicative of egg quality.

    Good luck!!

  5. Gail on

    Wishing you all the best my friend! Thinking of you xx

  6. apieceofwood on

    Who knows if it works, but a great healthy diet, at least 2 ltr of water per day, brazil nuts and a glass of milk produced the best quality eggs I have ever had..so I’ll be doing that again when the time comes. Wishing you all the best for number 7… x

  7. samcy on

    Thinking of you my friend – may this next one be THE one! I’m praying for you and DH.


  8. Abs on

    I’ll be hoping & praying for you Dee! Keep us all posted on the progress xxx

  9. R.J. on

    Best of luck for lucky #7!

  10. Camilla on

    Hoping this year is the one for your miracle!!! I am also trying to improve egg quality and we are doing PICSI next IVF March or April – so will also be eating healthily, lots water, will try the card thing too!! All the best! Camx

  11. Camilla on

    Hoping this year is the one for your miracle!!! I am also trying to improve egg quality and we are doing PICSI next IVF March or April – so will also be eating healthily, lots water, will try the carb thing too!! All the best! Camx

  12. Ally on

    Wishing you the best of luck as you begin your next cycle. In the interim, I wish you peace, strength, and small moments of joy scattered frequently throughout your days.

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