CD 1

Today is CD 1. I have a migraine-type headache, which normally happens round this time on Lucrin except this time is really bad. Going home now coz I can hardly look at the computer screen. Hopefully all goes well at my CD 2 scan tomorrow and Ill be on my way.


7 comments so far

  1. samcy on

    Sorry you’ve got a bad pip ache Dee! All the best for CD2 scan tomorrow – you’re in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Sharon on

    All the best for CD2 scan!

  3. Joni on

    Good luck for your scan tomorrow!! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers the whole way through your cycle!!!!

  4. Tam on

    Good luck today sweets, I truly hope that this will be it for you my friend.

    Keeping you in my thoughts xxx

  5. Cedge on

    I pray that this cyles yields your hearts desire. No words of wisdom to offer this time, just thinking of you and hoping for a successful outcome. It’s about time!!

  6. Melissa G on

    Yuck, I’m really prone to migraines so I totally feel your pain. You probably already know this but a cup of coffee or anything with a good amount of caffeine will take the edge of your migraine.

    Hope your scan goes well. Thinking of you!

  7. Elize on

    Hope you feeling better Dee! Good luck with your scan!

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