Why I hate PCOS

I think I realised why I was so down last week. Lack of AF was seriously getting to me. Its one thing to be infertile but a completely other thing for your body to be broken. I had to take a course of Provera to bring on AF which I dont often need to do, normally my cycle ranges from 35-40 days, sometimes 42 but never really longer than that and I am able to get Af by myself. It seems that taking the Luc.rin depot for my DE cycle made my cycle go wonky. Does anyone know if this is the cause?

So after a long 53 days, I freaking finally got my AF this morning. It just means one little step forward and instantly made me feel better. Yes, I realise the irony of wanting AF to come and then wanting it to stay away. It appears that my depression was linked to my broken body.

PCOS just plainly sux.


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  1. Katie on

    As a PCOSer I HATE the long cycles. The only time I had good cycles was following a miscarriage, and then just one cycle. Are you on Met?

  2. Melissa G on

    I’m sorry AF hasn’t been playing nice. I think waiting is probably one of the chief complaints regarding IF. I don’t blame you for being so frustrated.

    So if you’re happy she’s here, then I’m happy for you.

    Hang in there.

  3. samcy on

    AF and PCOS never agree on anything! Annoys me too – glad that she’s finally arrived though.


  4. Offshore Wife on

    Yes it does suck. AF doesn’t come for me unless I take BCPs or Provera. Once upon a time Metformin worked but this newer XR stuff doesn’t help me either. Good luck dear!

  5. Erika on

    UGh, I so know how you feel! I have to be on BCP or take Pro.vera to keep AF coming. Good luck with everything!


  6. Jacqueline on

    You might want to read PCOS and Your Fertility by Theresa Leung — an excellent book that helped me out a lot. Also, check out the Women to Women site — there’s lots there on PCOS and on infertility. Great stuff… Here are a few links.

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    How the mind – body connection affects fertility

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