Bad news

So I POAS this morning – stark fucking white. Not even an evap line. Im 12dp3dt so this cycle can be wracked up there as my 5th failure. I was so positive this was going to work.

Very, very sad right now šŸ˜¦


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  1. Tam on

    Oh no sweetie! I’m devastated for you my friend. I’m still hoping that the bloody evil pee stick is wrong and that you get a positive beta tomorrow. Please please please let it be wrong.

    Big hugs, I’m here if you want to chat xxx

  2. strongblonde on

    šŸ˜¦ when do you have a beta though? my RE told me not to test until 14 dp 4dt.

    i am still hopeful.

    sending you big hugs and positive thoughts!!!


  3. cindyhoo2 on

    Ouch. Those stupid single pink lines hurt so much. ((hugs))

  4. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I’m also still hopeful….because the other alternative is just too scary to think about

    (((big hug)))

  5. Sian on

    No no and no! Hoping and praying that it isn’t so.

  6. Joni on

    Oh no Darling, I hope that evil “devils toy” pee stick is wrong!!

    Good luck with your BETA!! Praying soo hard for you!!!

  7. Melissa G on

    UGH,I am so very sorry.

    That fucking sucks.

  8. Shaz on

    CRAP!!!!!! I understand how you’re feeling right now!! (((hugs))) And maybe I’m just incredibley naive or able to have hope for you, but I’m really praying those stupid crap things are wrong this time!!!!!

  9. samcy on

    No no no no no no NO! Fark!!! I’m sorry honey. I’m really hoping it’s wrong.



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