6 Embies

So we have 6 embies. Feel OK about it but you know on a donor cycle I was hoping that we would have a slightly better fert rate. Feeling a bit dizzy today after the drip and I need to sleep. Stress and getting up at 4:30am is not a good combo.

Please pray they continue to divide, thanks πŸ™‚


PS my donor is so sweet – she bought me a cute “Good Luck” teddy and a beautiful card.Β The nurses apparently cant belive the resemblance between us and asked me today if we are related. funny…


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  1. Gail on

    I am praying so hard for you guys! You deserve this so much. That’s cool about the resemblence πŸ™‚

  2. invivo on

    Hope you feel better after a bit of rest. Noticed you weren’t feeling well.

    Nice meeting you finally!

    Good news on the embies.

  3. samcy on

    I’m glad she resembles you so much πŸ™‚ And 6 is still good Dee! Praying for you guys.


  4. Cindyhoo2 on

    I know what you are saying. I would have hoped for more to fertilize also BUT the important thing is embryo quality. 6 high quality embryos sounds pretty promising to me. ((hugs))

  5. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I think you chose very well then if the resemblance is so good.

    I’m praying for a great fert report tomorrow again and at least two super-duper fantastic amazing GORGEOUS embryos to transfer

  6. Rach on

    Yay for 6!!!

    Yay for resemblance!!

    Keeping everything crossed for you!


  7. skrambled on

    Dee, this is still good news. Im praying hard for you. The nurses said a similiar thing about my donor. It is rather comforting hey!

  8. Tam on

    That’s wonderful news sweetie, everything is going so well and I truly hope that it just gets better!! The resemblance thing is comforting news and your Donor sounds like a peach!! Thinking of you and those embies.

    big big BIG hugs xxx

  9. Shaz on

    This is fantastic Dee! Hang in there 6 is a great number you will have some great ones to choose from!

  10. strongblonde on

    dee, this is great news πŸ™‚ i hope that everyone is dividing nicely and following the rules πŸ™‚

    and how sweet of the donor. she seems like she is as excited for you as we are!


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