10 Eggies!!!

YAY!!! So ER was today, we got 10 eggies which I am super relieved about. We ICSI’ed all of them and now we wait.

Got a message from my donor that almost made me cry, basically she said that she is thinking of us, sending us love and praying for a good result. After not knowing a thing about this cycle and wondering how/what/why/when etc I was quite relieved to hear that everything went ok. My lining is at 9.3mm and I started prog supps today (wonderful things arent they?).

Now I cant wait to see how the babies are doing tomorrow (I will be close by as Im having the Intralipid drip again). For now I am happy and cant wait to have my babies on board with me! SHOOO!!


6 comments so far

  1. Cindyhoo2 on

    10 eggs!!!! How wonderful! So excited for you and I can’t wait to hear the fertilization report tomorrow.

  2. samcy on

    Wow Dee! That is FANTASTIC news!!! Waiting with bated breath to hear what the fert report comes back at…

    Oh, and what a sweet message you got from your donor!

    This has to be IT!!!!


  3. strongblonde on

    this is awesome! i’m so super excited for you. can’t wait to hear the reports on how everyone’s doing!!!


  4. Melissa G on

    10 Eggs!!! That is so great!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a great fert report!!!!

  5. Shaz on

    So excited for you Dee! Can’t wait for the updates!!!!

  6. Sian on

    YIPPPPEEEEE! I am so happy to hear this!

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