Chugging along

Alls well, cycle is chugging along to that all important transfer date! No info yet on donor just that she is doing really well and Dr V is happy with her progress. I feel pretty calm about the whole thing, Ive actually decided that no information is better than knowing and agonising over details. I did ask my co-ordinator how many eggs I can expect and she told me that its irrelevant and actually it is. As long as we can transfer two good quality embies then Im good to go. Hope this zen-like feeling continues.


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  1. cindyhoo2 on

    Zen-like calm is good! Like you, I always want details but I can utterly drive myself crazy with them. You are right, getting 2 good quality embryos really is the goal. That is a wonderful focus as well.

  2. Leigh from 123 blog on

    praying for two GORGEOUS embryos 🙂

  3. Shaz on

    All the best Dee!!!!!!!

  4. strongblonde on

    🙂 no news is good news. seriously!! i’m hoping that things are going great and you will be there before you know it!! 🙂 xoxo

  5. Camilla on

    Holding thumbs for 2 fab embies for you!!!!!

  6. samcy on

    Zen = Great! Here’s to your two fabulous embies 🙂


  7. Tam on

    I hope the Zen-like feeling continues too! Sounds like a good place to be, I agree….it’s irrelevant but that’s what infertility does to us, makes us want to know all the irrelevant shite 😉 Here’s to two fabulous embies and even better babies!!

    Hugs xxx

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