A sick post

So yesterday I got myself worked up so much so that I gave myself a serious case of heartburn. By yesterday afternoon I hadnt heard any news of whether my donor had started stims or what was happening. I mean come on, Ive been waiting 2 weeks now for things to get going. I hear that her period is delayed and my mind went beserk – what if she has a cyst or infact even pregnant (I mean why wouldnt that be the case, people fall pregnant all the time on the pill). I drove myself insane with all the what ifs…

I decided to leave work early, go home and just try and relax. I even did some meditation which I had been learning through my Meta.Varsity course, which actually helped me immensely. Then to aid my relaxation further, I decided to take my DH out for a nice dinner to one of our fav restuarants. We ended up sharing a bottle of red wine (I havent had a thing to drink for about 3.5 weeks now so this was a real treat) and I had the most divine gorgonzola steak EVER! Fast forward a few hours I find myself on our (FREEZING, like minus 1 degree freezing) bathroom floor being violently ill. Please remember what I had to eat and you will know how sick I was being. Now I cant figure out if I had food poisoning, a bug, stress or just the food and wine was just too much for me. I was shivering and shaking so much and I felt like I maybe had a temperature? Needless to say I never slept much and only rolled into work just after 10am because I felt so crappy.

Anyways turns out our donor started her stims today so I worried for no real reason! 🙂 Freaking FINALLY!!!!!

Another thing I found out is that I forgot to register for ICLW, dont know why but I just didnt just goes to show that my brain is not functioning too well lately.


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  1. Tam on

    Oh dear, I hope you feeling better, stress can do funny things!!

    Yay on getting this show on the road. Crossing everything 🙂

    Hugs xxx

  2. Clare on

    Hope your feeling better now! Cant believe you even turned up for work after all that – i think i would have definitely called in sick. Obviously you have a better work ethic than me! Good luck with everything!!

  3. Shaz on

    Hang in there Dee, I think its natural to stress yourself out like that given our situations!!!

  4. WannaBeMum on

    Hi there dear. I’ve been seeing yr posts. Looks like we’re almost in the same place. I’m doing an de ivf. My intralipids will be done on fri 31jul. I’m also going through the stress of not knowing where the donor is in all of this. The clinic had said she’ll start stimulation in the 1st week of aug, so will wait to hear then. I’m with vl, but live in durban. So imagine my compounded stress! Anyway, wanted you to know I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. Believe, and it WILL come to pass.

  5. samcy on

    Stress is a bitch! Glad your donor is stimming and soon I pray we’re celebrating a HUGE BFP 🙂


  6. skrambled on

    Ag! Yuk! It may have been a combination of all three.

  7. strongblonde on

    🙂 so excited that things are FINALLY moving along. how are you feeling now? any more updates?


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