Life Lesson #1

Im always quite mindful of what I say to people. Since ttc I almost never openly speak about babies or ttc, if that is the topic of conversation I steer clear. I know many if not all of us are carrying certain problems around so you never know if something you say might be hurtful to someone else.

The other day I was talking to a colleague about the weekend. I was telling her how I had seen my mom and we had done this and that, gone out for lunch, shopping etc. She didn’t say much but I felt like she was trying to steer away from the subject. In my head Im thinking “oh well its not about ttc” la la la la la la, jabber, jabber, jabber. Then I asked her about her mom and what they get up to. Then she said her mom had passed away when she was in high school and then I clicked. Speaking about mom’s is her “ttc subject”.

 Just like fertiles get up in your face about this pregnancy symptom and that issue about having kids this was the same, I just didn’t realise what her no-go subject was. I was so shocked that I just mumbled sorry and she walked off but I could see how much she was hurting. What a cow I am BUT at the same time I always think people talking about babies etc etc are out to be mean or vindictive or show-off what they have. Just goes to show that people actually just talk, they often don’t think further than just what they are saying. Another lesson learnt in The Journey.

I recently started reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wow, what a book and I can really relate to the author. I recommend it to anyone struggling with the idea of religion and life in general.

 As for my cycle, the Wait continues. Stims for my donor definitely start on Monday although she is starting a new job so Im really hoping that we can get ER done by the 3rd August or else I don’t think having to go for a procedure in the first week of your new job is such a great idea…


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  1. Shaz on

    I try to believe that just because I’m infertile doesn’t mean the world is out to hurt me. I agree Dee, I’ve also learnt that we all have our burdens to bare!

  2. strongblonde on

    i totally agree. i’m going to have to try out that book!!

  3. samcy on

    We all have our crosses to bear my friend. Sometimes we get SO involved with our own cross that we forget there are others out there. Good for you that you noticed that someone else was hurting.

    I loved Eat Pray Love – GREAT book 🙂


  4. Clare on

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for the heads up – 1 year is longer than I expected, but then nothing is expected in this IF world. Im definitely gonna check out that book too you mentioned – might need a bit of that in the coming months!

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