I guess Im just frustrated. Delaying the start of a cycle is really annoying. Im sure the doctors dont realise what they put us through when they flippantly say “oh another week should be fine”. I sent my RE an email asking if its possible that my donor stop her pill a few days earlier, I mean unless there is a specific reason why she should wait I just dont get why she cant still get better whilst waiting for her AF to arrive. Apparently she is due to start stims next week Monday, I know VL dont scan on Sundays anymore which means she will probably be on Day 2 or 3 on Monday which means she is only stopping the pill towards the end of this week????? Its just so frustrating not being able to do anything about this.

Im also worried about my lining, by the time I get to ET I would have been on Estrogen for 3.5 weeks. I have a few period like pains which I assume is my lining building up but is it possible that the lining can get TOO thick? Or does it just stop growing at some point? This is the response I got from my RE about the delay:

The lining will be O.K. for a period of up to 7 weeks, so I think canceling would not be a logical step. This is not going to influence you at all (ha – other than the insanity of waiting…). The reason for delaying is to be 100% sure that it will be all systems go and optimal for this attempt.

So what do you think, should I just try and relax and know that they really are just looking out for my interests? And if it really isnt going to influence me then it should be such a big deal? Then why am I making it such a big deal? Urrggg!!


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  1. Tam on

    Shit man, I’m sorry that nothing is ever smooth sailing! I would be pissed too but I do really think that Dr V is only thinking about you with this one. You want the best chance that you can get with this so I think waiting is a good way to go.

    I think you’re feeling emotional because you’ve been building up to this for a long time now and to have to wait is definately frustrating but it’ll be here before you know it sweetie.

    Hang in there, phone me if you need to vent/chat – you have my number πŸ˜‰

  2. Celia on

    I think if your lining is good for seven weeks then I would wait. You are making it a big deal because
    A. Getting pregnant is a big deal.
    B. You are understandably stressed.

  3. Shaz on

    Hey Dee
    Hang in there, you need to trust that VL will ALWAYS do what is best for you, so there is a reason behind this delay.
    I know its really tough and its normal to have some anxiety, but try and go with the flow a little and not second guess, it may making coping with this DE-IVF easier.
    All the best!

  4. Cedge on

    hey there

    I can understand your frustration. Any waiting is agony when you feel in your heart that now is the time to start.

    Don’t know what to say to make it better … only that all this waiting, frustration, tears, agonising has got to yeild success in the end. Gotta have hope, although I know patience is even more difficult to to maintain.

    send u lots of hugs.

  5. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I also sometimes think they torture us on purpose πŸ™‚

    But like Shaz said, you are literally in the best clinic in SA (in my very unbiased opinion :)) and they will only do what’s best for you.

    Hang in there and tough as it is, try to trust that things will be okay!

  6. skrambled on

    Hey there Dee. I’m not going to tell you to relax because I know that is IMPOSSIBLE. I so understand your frustration. It is SUPER irritating when a cycle is not in your hands. Monday is soon….and before you know it you’ll be having ET!
    (((HUGS))) Thinking of you!

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