Yip, you heard right…

I got a call from my clinic late yesterday afternoon to say that my donor is very sick with the flu and they want to give her another week to recover, which means they will delay the start of the cycle by a week. Apparently you can be on estrogen for up to 7 weeks with no ill effects to the lining. I am scared to google so please tell me someone else has had this happen?

So Intralipid has been moved to next week. UUUrrrggggg. At least its not cancelled altogether, not sure how I would have handled that as I was almost a wreck yesterday after hearing it was moved by a week.


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  1. skrambled on

    Ag no Dee, sorry man! You can be on the estrogen for a prolonged period. But it’s the waiting that is frustrating hey! I hope the week flys by.

  2. Gail on

    Ah no man. All the waiting is the worst! Hope fully she recovers well and produces some magnificent eggies for you!!

  3. Shaz on

    Oh no Dee! I get why its upset you though, its a big deal and you were mentally prepared and now its like the finish line has moved.
    Hang in there!

  4. Invivo on

    How crap is that! Urgh, delays are terrible! I’ve got o advice, apart from go with your gut. You remember me cancelling GIFT, well that was just as tough, who knows what would’ve happened if I went ahead? They always say it’s the iffy cycles that often times does the trick? Who knows? Beats me? Good luck anyway!

  5. Bee Cee on

    Hiya, just stopping by as I found you through your comment on my blog. Thanks!

    Hope the week goes quickly and your donor is fit and well to continue next week. I’ll be following and hoping for a great outcome for you.

  6. Melissa G on

    Oh man, as if you don’t have enough on your plate already. I’m sorry for the delay. That stinks.

    I hope the next week flies by for you, and that the rest of this cycle runs more smoothly.

    Chin up.

  7. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Well, thank goodness it wasn’t cancelled! That would have FREAKED me out.

    P.S. I like your bus categories 🙂

  8. samcy on

    *sigh* Thinking of you dear friend. This has to suck but like you say at least it was not cancelled altogether!

    And like Invivo says sometimes it’s the “iffy” ones that do the trick 🙂

    Thinking of you.


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