Everything in my stride

So Ive had quite a bit of bad news lately (no, nothing to do with my cycle thank goodness).

On Sunday I found out my SIL is pregnant with #2. It made me a bit sad because we started ttc around the same time for #1 and now look where we are. I was suprised that I was actually pretty OK with it. They did the whole usual sending a mass email with a scan attached (wow, how original). I replied saying congrats etc but then also asked them to please remove my name from future emails and especially updated scan pics. I really dont care what they thought.                     (I certainly dont think that this news constitutes “bad news” but you know what I mean)

Then on Monday I found out that my sister’s new Basset puppy will have to undergo an operation to straighten her legs. They have to break both her legs and re-straighten them. Cost = R6000 and she just got her 6 months ago and paid R3000 from a reputable breeder in Pretoria. When she called the breeder she was very rudely told “how can she see through dogs”? and she will give her another one if she wants. This TOTALLY fucking irritates me coz (some) breeders are actually just money grabbers, they actually couldnt care less about their dogs. The other option is to put her to sleep (not the breeder although I wish we could do that) and there is just no way that my sister could do that, never ever. She goes in on Monday and a specialist orthapedic surgeon is going to do the operation. Shame poor little thing. I feel like mentioning the breeders name here but I’ll probably get sued or something and I really cant afford that right now can I?

Then today I found out that one of my best friends has Multiple Sclerosis. This has totally floored me. Im shocked beyond shocked. She has been in and out of hospitals for about 5 years now with partial paralysis and only after changing neurosurgeons did they figure out what is wrong with her. I dont know much about the disease but with the help of Google Ive learnt a bit more about it. Its not a good prognosis and there is no cure only a weekly injection that costs R9000 and I thought infertility treatment was bad.

On my cycle news Ive started Estrogen and my donor should start stims early next week. Its SUPER strange not to be injecting anything at this point and I feel as if there is absolutely nothing happening meanwhile its all happening. I go for my Intralipid drip next week and a lining scan only after that (so far away!). So for now Im just taking everything in my stride….


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  1. strongblonde on

    yuck! that’s a lot to take in all at once. 😦 poor little dog. hopefully she’ll recover quickly. (?)

  2. Celia on

    That is a whole lot of bad at one time. I think if she is a registered breeder you can maybe try and report her. Don’t you wish you could just get a big ray gun and set it to A- hole Mode and just stun her?

    While I don’t know a darn thing about MS I do know a ton about dealing with a life changing illness that you have to live with. Things we needed were visitors( believe if or not some people are so afraid to say the wrong thing that they say nothing, which is worse), and help with errands. I think if someone would have gone grocery shopping for me or done some laundry I would have cried in appreciation.

  3. Tink on

    Sorry to hear about your friend, but the “prognosis” isn’t, as such, a prognosis. With the exception of a mindbendingly rare aggressive form, we live a near normal lifespan. No doctor, no matter how good they are, can predict the outcome, since the disease varies greatly.
    For example, including myself, I know 11 PwMS, 2 of us diagnosed for more than 30 years, back before there was any treatment. They are both completely mobile seniors while I was diagnosed a little more than year ago and already use a wheelchair at 38. I am the only one of the 11 to use a WC, 3 of the others occasionally use cane.

    There are a number of treatments with a price tag of between $2000 to $12,000 US a month. They are covered by insurance, if you have it. Thee drugs can slow progression of the disease and allow us to go on with our lives. No, there is no cure, but there are ways to keep things mostly in check.
    Sorry for the PSA. Just wanted to let you know, it’s not great to have MS, but geez, it could be a whole lot worse!
    Visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website for more info and ideas on supporting your friend.

  4. Shaz on

    Gosh Dee! What a week.
    There must be something in the air, I’ve also been facing a barrage of pregnancy news in the last week and the timing truly sux! Thankfully, everyone (and it seems your SIL as well) have really been thoughtful about how they’ve told us their news, I so prefer receiving an email or sms, it gives me time to get a grip on myself because like you, the last thing I’d ever want to do was ruin their special moment.
    As for the breeder, I’m with Celia on this one, if they’re registered, report them to KUSA! Its totally ridiculous, didn’t your sisters puppy come with a health clearance certificate which confirmed the puppy had been thoroughly examined by a vet??? Really these people ned to be reported!
    And your friends MS news is really hectic and very sad indeed.
    Al the best for your cycle, I really hope that all goes well!

  5. Invivo on

    So sorry to hear about your friend’s MS. Put our own suffering in a whole new perspective.

    Keeping a close eye on how this cycle proceeds. Wishing you lots of comfort and peacefulness as you jump the hoops.

    Thinking of you.


  6. Elize on

    Shame Dee, sounds like you had a week from hell. Sorry to hear about your friends MS, its just shocking and devastating to hear that someone close to you has MS. Good luck with you D-IVF!

  7. skrambled on

    Wow Dee! That is a hectic week.
    Good luck for this cycle.
    I am watching you….

  8. Tam on

    Oh my word, it’s a lot to take in all at once and I’m sorry that things are so difficult right now!

    I am glad tho that everything is going according to plan with your DIVF, it must be weird knowing that somethings happening but it feels like it’s not….a bit like a FET?

    I truly hope that it’s your turn soon sweetie, it’s so hard when time can be measured in watching others babies grow – especially when you start at the same time….I have that too and it sucks!! Big hugs xxx

  9. Best When Used By on

    I hope that’s the end of the bad news for you. I don’t blame you a bit for telling your sil not to email you with “news” anymore. She should have a little sensitivity. Having 2 dogs myself, I too would be outraged at the breeder. Your sister should report the “deformity” to the breed’s club or organization so that people can be informed about problems with this breeder’s dogs. Finally, I’m so sorry about your friend. I hope she’s doing okay. Good luck with your cycle….you deserve to have GOOD things happen!

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