Uterus A-OK!

All good to go. Cyst gone and all is quiet. Had my Lucrin depot shot this morning and paid a rather hefty deposit. So we are on the road. Last BCP on Friday.

Surprisingly after being pretty emotional and teary yesterday, Im doing alright today. My mantra is “go with the flow” and “Im pregnant and happy to be having this baby”

DH and I started something that I think is special. Every night before bed we write something positive about doing this cycle and why we want it to work on a pretty piece of writing paper (CARS theme for boys and Winnie-the-pooh theme for girls), we then put it into an envelope and one day we will read them, hopefully once our little one/s are here and we cant remember what all the pre-cycle fuss was all about. I needed to do something positive for the cycle, at least something to reinforce a positive mindframe.


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  1. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Excellent, I’m so happy to hear that!

    And you’re exactly right, once you’re heavily pregnant, incontinent and can’t sleep at night 🙂 you’ll struggle to remember these days 🙂

    And with that, I’m hauling my big butt to the TV to watch some taped Dr Phil and Oprah!

  2. samcy on

    Yay, that is great news! I’m sure you’ll be going through the motions of a few highs and lows my friend. But the good thing is that you’re on the road of your DE cycle.

    I love that you and DH are doing this postive thought thing every night – what a GREAT idea! I might just have to steal it for our next treatment too 😉

    Praying for you.


  3. scrambled eggs on

    I really like the idea of writing down positive comments about the cycle–what a great mindset to encourage!


  4. Michelle on

    Congratulations! I think that is a great thing you and your DH are doing. It’s so positive and uplifting!
    ~Michelle (ICLW)

  5. Megan on

    Good luck with this cycle! I like your positive thought project. 🙂


  6. ^WiseGuy^ on

    Firstly, a big hug and a good luck sign!

    Secondly, what you are doing every day is beautiful! Keep the faith!


  7. Fran on

    very best of luck with this cycle! I think I’ll steal your idea of writing down positive things, it’s soooo nice! Love, Fran


  8. Tam on

    That is wonderful news and I think that what you and hubby are doing is truly amazing and positive!

    I wish you all the best with this next cycle and can totally understand that you would be emotional, this isn’t just another cycle but I do believe that you will be just fine.

    Big hugs xxx

  9. Invivo on

    What a wonderful idea. Writing down your thoughts like that.

    Wishing you all the best of luck and happiness with this cycle!

    M 🙂

  10. Shaz on

    I LOVE that you and DH are writing your thoughts and feelings down, what a fantastic idea!!!!

    I really really pray that this is it for you Dee! U & your DH deserve this! Praying for a peaceful cycle with the only surprise being your BFP at the end of it.

  11. Beautiful Mess on

    YAY for all systems go! I love that you are writing little notes, that’s so awesome! Sending you LOTS of good JUJU for your cycle!

  12. Alana-isms on

    LOVE your idea of writing positive daily notes…what a great idea to share with your chlid(ren) someday.

    Best wishes for a BFP!! 🙂


  13. lkregula on

    Positive begets positive! Good thoughts for you.


  14. Melissa G on

    That really is a lovely idea. Affirmations like that really do work. I hope you are able to read them in less than a year from now.

    Much luck with your next cycle!


  15. strongblonde on

    so happy to hear that things are good. 🙂 and that you are feeling better, of course.

    i really like the idea of writing the positives down. b and i said them to eachother, but didn’t write anything. i feel like i didn’t write as much this cycle as i would have liked.

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