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So we had a divine, divine holiday away! We stayed at this beautiful place right on the Vaal River, although it was pretty chilly!! On friday night I was treated to oxtail with a couple glasses of red wine – YUM YUM, then on Saturday my gorgeous husband organised a spa day! We had a sauna session, a complete body massage, foot massage and facial with champagne lunch. It was really special. My hubby knows what I like and I felt really spoilt!

BUT before I went into the sauna room I saw a familiar friend was knocking – AF. I was a bit panicked because I obviously didnt have anything with me but I worried for no reason as she only arrived in full force on Saturday night (a bit of a downer for a romantic holiday) but I was kind of glad she finally made her entrance. So of course it was a flurry of sending sms’s to try and get an appointment to see my co-ordinator today (day 2). I kind of wished that Af had come at a slightly better time but as I have learnt there is no real “good” time for her arrival anyways.

SO today was spent at my clinic going through the hundreds of consent forms, scans, bloods, explanations, COST sheet (I cant actually mention the cost because it makes me feel sick, needlass to say DE IVF is about DOUBLE normal IVF).

One thing picked up on scan is that I have a corpus luteum cyst (never had one before) which means that I will have to scan again in 2 weeks to see if its gone, cant ever be easy can it now? But I suspect that a few days on the pill will solve the problem.

So we are getting there… Just hope when Im pregnant we can afford to eat with the cost of this cycle!


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  1. samcy on

    Wow, your weekend away sounded awesome (despite the arrival of our “friend”)and it’s all exciting to think that your DE cycle is on the move… You are more than welcome to come and eat with us when you fall preggie from the cycle – ok??

    Hoping and praying for only the best result!!!


  2. Shaz on

    Sounds like a magical weekend Dee – well better than mine was anyway! 😉
    All the best for your DE cycle, I’ll be praying that this is the one that yields the magical result!

  3. cindyhoo2 on

    Sounds like a great weekend! My partner and I also talk about the fact that once we actually have a child, the little thing will have to get a job to pay for itself. Sewing outfits for Kathy Lee isn’t so bad, right?!

    Seriously though, I am sending much luck to you for this cycle.

  4. strongblonde on

    sounds like youhad a great weekend!! i’m so jealous!

    i can’t believe how expensive all of this is. and for DE to be double? holy crap.

    oh, the things that we will do!!


  5. Elize on

    Your weekend sounds stunning!! Good luck with your IVF! Praying for a BFP!

  6. Tam on

    So glad you had a great break-away. Sorry about AF messing things up (she has a way of doing that huh??!).

    I can believe you that the DE cycle costs a fortune, I don\’t even want to think about that!!

    Seems like the corpus luteum cysts are doing the rounds, I have one too!!

    Will be here rooting for you sweetie xxx

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