My new baby

Well seeing I cant spend my money on kids, Ive gone and bought myself a pre-owned Audi 2.0L Turbo – can I hear you say it – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!



What do you think? 🙂 Im in love.


11 comments so far

  1. samcy on

    Wow! Super cool car Dee – you gonna look HAWT in it 😉


  2. Elize on

    Beeeeyoutiful!!!!! Congrats and enjoy your stunning ride!

  3. Gail on


  4. Shaz on

    Awesome indeed!!!! Lucky girl enjoy it!!!

  5. Tam on

    My husband just bought one about 3 months ago too, he loves it!! Super cool chicken!!

  6. Invivo on

    Veeery nice! You make me look like a ouma! Seriously need to do something about my ride!

  7. strongblonde on

    i’m so jealous. it is awesome. seriously. i want it. 😉

  8. Nix on

    That is fantastic. You’re gonna love it. I have a white one. I’m also inlove.

  9. Astrid on

    It is BEAUTIFUL. I too love rewarding myself for plugging through this awful IF process by spending money that I would otherwise be spending on my growing family. It makes it completely justifiable. I would have spent this money anyway, if I had had my way and gotten kids earlier. Coach bag this week. And coach collars for my fur babies. It’s a little ridiculous, but anything to numb the pain and aid in distraction. Congratulations on the new toy!

  10. Erika on

    We’re having to buy a new car and I’m insanely jelous of yours!


  11. texicali on

    sweeeeet ride!! congratulations!!

    once i pay off all my IF debt, i think i’ll have to follow in your footsteps!!

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