IVF Meds

So what do you guys do with any left over IVF meds? I have 5 amps Gonal-F, 2 amps Luveris and 1 unopened tub of Lucrin staring at me at home. I feel bad coz I think its about to expire (they were bought during my cycle in August 2008). Is there anyone in the blogosphere that may need these IVF meds? Im open to offers….. Will post anywhere in SA?

PS – not even sure if this is legal to advertise meds but I would feel really bad just throwing them out????


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  1. Elize on

    Good luck selling them. Of course I’ve never had left over IVF meds, but would have loved to help you.

  2. Gail on

    I would maybe take them but not sure what meds I’m going to need or even what the costs are these days!!! I can let you know next month….

  3. samcy on

    ??? Not sure – can’t you ask VL if they know of someone who needs them??


  4. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Samcy, it’s difficult because everybody seems to now be on the Menopur/ Cetrotide combo.

    I’m also trying to get rid of some so Dee and I are in the same boat

  5. secaly on

    I also have meds left. They are not expired but its only the progesterone supositories and in oil and a few others but not the big expensive ones cause I used ED. I had Lupron but that one is expired.

    Let me know if anyone wants it. secaly@yahoo.com

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