Quick Update

Work is driving me nuts so I only have a few minutes to update.

Went to a SCIO session yesterday – what an experience! Wow. I didnt tell the lady anything but she picked up a number of things spot on:

1. I have a strained muscle in my thigh from exercise (true)

2. Im allergic to pollen (true)

3. I have irregular periods (VERY true)

4. Im stressed, sad and depressed (very true)

5. I bite on my jaws to relieve stress (very true again, I do this ALL the time)

6. Im night blind (again true)

Some not so true stuff:

Im allergic to shellfish – not that I know of?

I get numb hands – dont really think so

I have a cold – dont think so

Then she did a aura mapping which was so awesome. AND I dont have any blockages in my chakras which she thought was pretty awesome as most people do. Only thing she said she saw was a “hole” in my aura meaning something is draining my energy (I wonder what hey?). Then she started fixing me up. Ive never in all my life felt so relaxed afterwards, it was so awesome. I came home and fell straight to sleep (at 5pm!). I really enjoyed it and if nothing else its so relaxing.

She also said she can get me to conceive and gave me these drops. Ive been down this road before but oh what the hell, I might as well. She swears she can get me to have my period every 28 days and I told her if she can i would buy her a house! So the bet is on! Oh and BTW AF arrived yesterday before the SCIO session or else I would have thought that was way too convenient!

Will try catch up soon, drowning at work at the mo.

4 comments so far

  1. samcy on

    Hmmm interesting. I would also bet a house on getting my cycles regular so let me know how it goes honey!~


  2. Shaz on

    I also found the SCIO relaxing.
    Hope it works out for you.

  3. strongblonde on

    wow. how did they know all of that about you? i guess i don’t know what SCIO is. 🙂 glad you enjoyed it, though!!


  4. Invivo on

    Bah, hah! LOL! Buy her a house! Good one!

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