Pulling myself towards myself

So after feeling pretty dismal for a couple of weeks, Ive decided that we need to decide what we are doing and when, its the only way I will get out of this dark hole. Hubby returns from overseas tomorrow so I am taking leave to spend the day with him and discuss our next steps. So hopefully I will be reporting back with some sort of POA in the very near future.

Ive also changed my AD’s to another generic of Cip.ramil, perhaps its that but I do feel a whole lot better. Dr V wanted me on that specific AD because apparently you can take it during pregnancy (now wouldnt that be nice).

To Sam – I am so sorry about your results today. When I opened your blog, I was shocked to read it. I actually dont even know what to say because I am just so angry for you. Very BIG hugs. xxx


4 comments so far

  1. Maritza on

    Hope the new AD helps you break out of the black. In the meantime, be patient with yourself please, pretty please?

    M xxx

  2. samcy on

    Glad you’ve changed your AD’s Dee and that you’re thinking about getting a plan of action together. It does help to feel like you’re moving forward rather than stagnating… HUGS to you.

    Thanks for the kind words…


  3. Shaz on

    Having a plan always helps me cope better as well. Hope you two had a great day yesterday and came up with a plan that works for you both.

  4. strongblonde on

    i want you to feel better. i can’t wait for hubby to get home so you’re not alone anymore.

    …still wish i could give you a big hug!

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