Just got back from a few days in Bloemfontein (non-Saffas it’s a small inland city, typically Afrikaans with what seemed like a lot of students!), which is why I have been MIA.


My parents are coming today to come and visit for the weekend, so I am really looking forward to that. They live in Durban so it should take them around 6 hours to get to us. My mom sounds so excited! Shame, I love my parents!


Seeing my doc tomorrow and then have a therapy session booked for straight afterwards. Need to start digesting a lot of the noise in my head and start getting some sort of plan together, I hate this up in the air stuff. Im slowly warming up to the idea of DE. Ive joined an online support group called Parents through Egg Donation. Its so great to see the ladies there getting positives and also giving birth. It also gives me a chance to ask some difficult questions and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I asked my DH if he would be willing to chat a bit more after our appointment tomorrow and lets start making some decisions.


A HUGE massive congrats to my bloggy friend April for getting her BFP!!  WHOO HOO!!! You have no idea how happy I was when I read that! (wont link to her site because she has been having some blog issues with collegaues)

I also hope that Shaz feels better soon, you have me really worried.


5 comments so far

  1. Shaz on

    All the best tomorrow Dee! Enjoy your time with your family and thanks for the well wishes.

  2. samcy on

    Hope the appointment went well Dee.

    Enjoy the visit with your family – there is nothing quite like having Mom around to soothe your soul…


  3. strongblonde on

    hey there. 🙂 thanks for the postive thoughts. you know that it still does not seem real. i can’t believe anything until i actually see something inside of a gestational sac. i’ve been down this road before. in fact, i went almost 10 weeks thinking i was pregnant, but really had some bizarre invasive, cancerous growth. damnit.

    glad that your parents get to come and visit. it is good to see family. how long are they staying? (i can only handle my parents for a few hours at a time….maybe those are some stories for a different day?)

    hang in there. missed catching up with you this week. xoxo

  4. Hillary on

    Have a great weekend with your family!! All the best in processing the DE option…what huge step to take. **hugs**

  5. Elana on

    I hope the visit with your parents went well. I hope that you are successful, no matter which road you take to getting pregnant! ICLW

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