Not much to say

I feel like Im just existing. Eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work. Just trying to get thru each day. I ran out of AD’s yesterday and I was too lazy/depressed to even refill the script.

The worst is that AF is still freaking here, 8 days later. Its always a great reminder.

I ventured onto the Nurture website, just to go check out a few donors. Test the water so to say. It scared the crap out of me. How the hell do you choose a donor, your future baby. Would I like him/her to have blue eyes, brown eyes, curly black hair, straight blonde hair?? I feel like Im playing God, if you think IVF is “playing God” (as I once thought), try choosing a suitable donor, its crazy.


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  1. Shaz on

    I’m sorry Dee, we did the whole SD thing, so I know how it sux having to make this choice!

  2. Megan on

    I’m so sorry.

  3. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Dee, how is your hubby feeling about all this?

    I’d also be freaked out – take all the time you need!

  4. Tanya on

    Don’t know me but been following you blog a little while. Sorry about all you have to go through! Just want to say that I feel the same way! My only options are a last IVF or DE. I cannot get my head around DE……… was up to it, till I checked out the donors. don’t think this is for me!! Not sure what the future holds ! goodluck!!

  5. April on

    i know. i have a friend who did DE cycle and she seemed very unconcerned with everything. i’m with you, though. when you think about picking where your DNA comes from….it just puts a lot of pressure on me.

    sending lots of positive thoughts your way. *hugs*

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