Happy 2009!!

Hi all you beautiful people!

Well, well, well – a brand new sparkling year is upon us. The holiday (as usual) flew by, I can remember the last day at work, willing the hours to go faster to go on leave and look at me know – willing the hours to go faster so I can leave to go home!!


My festive season was very “different” this year, I took it very easy on the drinking, a couple of glasses of wine here and there – all in prep for the BIG #4. And you will be very proud of me- I had 2 drags of a ciggie at that was it! It was actually great not to wake up feeling like death every morning, a refreshing change! Christmas was spent with my parents, cousins, in-laws and crazy aunt – cooking for 14 has its merits in that I didn’t have to mingle with any crazy family members and no avoiding of certain “questions” if you get my drift so Christmas was spent mainly in the kitchen preparing all the devine Christmas delights. I actually made up a recipe for the most divine desert ever – haven’t called it anything yet but it has crushed up meringue, white choc, berries, marscopone cheese and cream – YUMMY! But I was also very good with my eating and didn’t over-indulge much except at my fav Thai restaurant in Durban (I LOVE Thai food, absolutely my fav by far!). Many days were spent in the pool and lounging around, watching a bit of cricket, reading and catching up with friends. I was again very proud of myself – I feel that finally Im back on track with my friend who had her baby in September. Her little boy is really the cutest thing ever and I spent a lot of time helping her to feed him, bath him and play with him. I was just so happy that I was able to rekindle what I thought was a lost friendship – just that made my holiday worth while.


New Years was spent at home alone, just me and hubby. We shared a bottle of champers and we were in bed by 10pm – perhaps sounds boring but it was great and just what I needed. 2008 was a tough year for us, there were parts were I thought I would never be able to get up again – the pain in my heart so raw that I wanted to rip it out. There was no way I was going to celebrate that. We had a few offers to go out but to be honest I just didn’t feel like it. My only wish was to put a lid on 2008 and waking up on the 1st without a hint of a hangover was fantastic! Last year I remember waking up on someones lounge furniture next to a pool with the Durban sun blazing up ahead, with a banging head, nope that was not how I wanted to welcome this year…. Besides I had already started the IVF meds…Yes, can you believe its that time again… #4 is well underway.


#4 update –

Day 6 scan showed 12 follies, 12mm and under. Starting to feel a bit sore and I have that feeling that my insides are going to fall out when I wee, cant wait to see what happens at the scan tomorrow. What a start to the year J


2 comments so far

  1. Shaz on

    Hi Dee
    Glad you had a good time. Our holidays sounded similar. I also took it really easy, especially over New Year, I dunno, somehow it doesn’t have the same appeal it had before! 🙂
    All the best for IVF #4, I start with my #4 in a month, so here’s hoping #4 can be lucky for both of us!

  2. samcy on

    Hey Dee! Nice to see you back in the blogosphere 😉 I also had a very quiet festive season in preparation for fresh IVF #2 in Feb.

    I’m hoping and praying that # 4 is the real deal for you and DH.


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