Back again

So I stopped off at my fav destination yesterday – my fertility clinic, for my fav activity – a day 3 scan! Yeah. Even the smell of that place makes me anxious. Felt like Id never left. Its rather bad when all the staff call you by name. We have been there for almost 2 years so I guess they should know my name by now. Got all my goodies for the cycle and left feeling pretty OK. Officially start on the 30th December which is a good thing coz I still qualify for 2008 rates, shooo just made it! So I guess this New Years will be a quiet one. Ill be going to Club Duvet featuring DJ Pillow – ha ha J


For any SA readers I would like to sell my spare Gonal-F (5 amps) and Luveris (2 amps) – any takers? Would like R1000 for all of it. (Preferably Jhb based which will make it easier to exchange)


In other news my one friend (27) who was diagnosed with skin cancer two years ago was told that she may battle to fall pregnant and she would need to wait at least two years to try has just announced that she is pregnant. She had cancer treatment almost 2 years to the date so NO battling there. Im glad for her, shes had it rough until now and she deserves to be happy. But you know how it goes.


I have finished my Christmas shopping and just need to wrap everything, my credit card is bending with all the times I have swiped it and my mind is bending from work/IVF thoughts BUT I am starting to look forward to the festive season, its going to be a good one I know it!!


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  1. Shaz on

    Hey, I’d be keen to buy your meds, but if you’ve read my blog you’ll know i’m thinking of going the Menopur route this time.

  2. Celeste Fland on

    That’s great that you can get 2008 rates.

  3. April on

    isn’t it funny how you feel like you are going to visit an old friend when you go in there? i often wonder what people must think of me when i am barely through the door and the receptionist says, “hi april, i have you checked in, just have a seat”…… i suppose i should be happy that they are at least nice. some clinics are not nice at all!

    i think that we will be cycling near the same time 🙂

  4. April on

    (that is if my body cooperates and i get my period in the year of 2008!!!)

  5. Robz on

    Hi My friend,

    How are you doing? Thanks for the offer on the meds and sorry for not replying but my mail and I are not seeing eye to eye at the mo some mails go through and then some just don’t will never understand it but anyhow i will prob be doing the Cetrotide and menopur but thanks anyways friend.

    miss you friend and chat soon.


  6. samcy on

    Hey Dee,

    I hear you about the anxious feeling… I’m praying that all goes to plan this time round and that you’re soon holding your baby in your arms.

    Lots of love

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