Feeling very down. I think its the time of the year – as December draws nearer my anxiety and depression seems to be greater. Every year my company holds a raft race, its on today. I remember last year not being able to make it through the whole day because of a new born baby someone had bought. I cant believe that another year has gone by. I feel so anxious at the moment, even have that knot in my tummy. I feel like asking Dr V if I can increase my anti-dep dosage but I know that wont really help to solve anything. Need to just work thru it I guess. My sister is in Dubai at the moment and I really hope she gets out of there safely with all this bullshit terrorist attacks happening in Mumbai. Thats not helping the stress either.

Got a busy weekend which helps. Please remember World Aids Day on the 1st December, I will be wearing my red ribbon. Will post again next week, I hope the dark clouds will have lifted by then.


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  1. Shaz on

    Thinking of you Dee, I know its not easy! And I’m pretty sure you must be very stressed about your sisters travel, it really is scarey. W was offered a 1 year contract in Malaysia, but with all the nonsense happening in the world, we’ve decided against it.
    How you have a fab weekend!

  2. Celeste Fland on


    I hope the skies clear soon.


  3. Stacie on

    I thinking of you and hoping things look a little brighter soon. Hope your sister is okay, too!


  4. Elize on

    (((HUGS))) I know it’s hard, I know you want to increase your AD’s but take it from me, you will feel better, you need to work through your pain, it’s painful and awful but you’ll get through it. If your depression gets worse though I think you should ask Dr V to increase your dosage. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Beth on

    I know how hard these times are, I am praying for you and hope the cloud lifts soon! Lots of love sent to you from the south!

  6. April on

    hi dee, just catching up on everything…

    thinking about you and your family


  7. samcy on

    Hey Dee

    I’ve been a bad blog buddy! Been closeted with my own thoughts the last few days – hope you’re feeling better!!


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