My Thanks

Ive read on a lot of American blogs about Thanksgiving that is around the corner. In SA we don’t have such a holiday, which is a pity because its such a wonderful time to give thanks for everything in your life.


In celebration of this holiday, I would therefore like to give thanks for the following in my life:


My gorgeous husband who is ALWAYS there for me. Without him my life would be meaningless. I hate to talk about the days before him because they were very sad days. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship which caused havoc with my emotional state. Even though I was young (18/19) I feel like this guy did a lot of damage to me and who I am today. By a great miracle my wonderful husband landed in my life. I met him at a bar (of all places – I know!). It was literally love at first sight, I just knew I had met my soul mate. His long hair and rugged look is what attracted me to him. My DH and I are a team, we laugh, cry, celebrate together. We are seldom apart and when we are, I still miss him just as much as when we first met. I love my husband will all my heart and soul J


My family – without them I would be lost. My mom and I talk every week for at least an hour on the phone. She phones every Sunday night. My parents also battled to have my sister so I think she knows a little of what Im going through. She cried, big sobbing tears when I told her our precious bean had become an angel. I miss my mom, even though she is only 6 hours away it still often feels far. My dad is the quiet type, never saying much but when he does I really do listen and appreciate all the advice he gives me. My sister is a crazy one. Five years younger doesn’t mean much – shes a bit ditzy but the words of wisdom that come from her is so great. She ALWAYS knows what to say and when. I love my family very, very much.


My 2 gorgeous Scottish Terriers who have kept me sane on this rollercoaster. They always great you with such love and devotion, I love them to bits.


My job – without it there would be NO IVF’s!!


My cyber friends – without the support of which I would be a bumbling idiot.


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  1. novice101 on

    It is good to have a day in a year designated solely to remind us to be thankful.

    The world would be less chaotic, it will be a more peaceful place if each day, each one of us is aware of the need to be thankful. There is plenty for each of us to be grateful about in our lives, we must always be mindful of this, daily.

    Now is just as good a time as any to be grateful:

  2. IdleMindOfBeth on

    What a beautiful Thanksgiving post!

    Thank you for sharing it.


  3. Erin on

    What a lovely post. I was talking to my shrink last night about how fortunate I am in the grand scheme of things. I am thankful for so many things and it is nice that you celebrate our traditions with your list.

    Best of luck on your journey! ICLW.

  4. Shaz on

    Oh yes, our cyber buddes, IF would be pretty unbearable without them!

  5. Rebecca on

    The best part about Thanksgiving is the food! Turkey, mashed potatoes, green been casserole, stuffing, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie and more. Yum! But one thing I always insist on before we eat is going around the table and giving thanks for something. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. samcy on

    I think that too often we forget to appreciate our blessings in life – it’s nice to see that you can still take time out to remember them.

    And we are thankful for you too honey!


  7. skrambled on

    Definately thanks to those wonderful IF husbands and the family. Lovely post.

  8. Alicia on

    yay those are awesome things to be thankful for!!!

    here from iclw

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