False Nails

OK, Ive never tried false nails – manicures yes but actual false nails no. Any advice? Please explain what the difference between gel, acrylic etc is. I feel like I know nothing on the subject. IF I get them, I would prefer very short French manicure style, only problem is I have a seriously funny shaped thumb, its wider than it is long – do you think false nails will look strange??


There are so many salons doing false nails – how do I choose? Any recommendations?


ANY advice will be appreciated (I feel like this is virgin territory and don’t want to look like a fart)


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  1. April on

    i always like the way that they look….but know that they harbor bacteria very easily. you will have to wash your hands much better. (maybe that’s only a concern for me in healthcare??).

    i wish i could have nice nails….

    😉 hugs

  2. Shaz on

    Hey Dee
    I had French Gel Nails for about a year last year and absolutley LOVED them. They looked gorgous, only thing is that to keep them looking good you have to maintain them and my natural nails grow very fast so I landed up having to go every second week to have a fill which landed up costing a small fortune.

    I’d definitley suggest going with Gel, they’re stronger because they’re actually “baked” onto the nail, also they’re easier to remove so less buffing and damage done to your natural nails.

    Where abouts are you ? I know a great lady in Fourways!

  3. Beth on

    Oh I loved my gel nails when I had them, I agree with Shaz, gel is the way to go! Good luck and let us know how they turn out!!!

  4. Roz on

    Gel is fabulous! I wouldn’t be without it on my nails, I think it looks more natural than acrylic. I have a really stunning lady that does mine…she is in Rivonia. Let me know if you would like her details. xx

  5. samcy on

    No idea! I never do this – only have my own nails 🙂 But I might have to check out the comments and see if there is any worth of going down the false nails road…


  6. Nix on

    I did a Bio Sculpture course. It’s Gel nails. Gel lets more air through to your natural nails but they are also much softer then acrilic. So if you are hard on your hands then i’d say go Acrilic. You also can’t wash with handy andy and stuff with Gel.

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