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Its been a long week! So much has happened. My DH got back from China on Saturday which made me very J. He bought an awesome camera which I played with whilst keeping one eye on the (very boring) Springboks vs Wales game. Sunday was spent packing up our ENTIRE kitchen (very tiring) but it was good because I got a little spring cleaning in and managed to donate a whole lot of “stuff” to my maid.


Monday they started with our kitchen – what a freaking NIGHTMARE! Cooking from your dining room table is not ideal and trying to cook something decent with a microwave is also not great. The kitchen is slowly taking shape and is looking pretty good, there are still a few things that need to be done – like changing the handles on the doors and cupboards and doing some tiling were the gas stove is going. Anyway it looks great. The only thing is that because both DH and I have typical Type A personalities – we need to be around to check that everything is done to OUR exacting standards. Which means that we have had to take some leave to be at home this week which is not all that bad but also means a mountain of work for next week.


In other news my AF arrived and I have started on my second pack of OCP’s. One down 2 to go! At least my hair and skin is looking good! I see on Fertilicare that a lady who did ZIFT got her BFP. This makes me feel like there is still hope. Today I went to go and buy my Menopur for my next cycle (want to try and recover the financials before the Xmas season). Um R7500 later. Not good. Feel like drinking after seeing that bill. Oh and you will be very proud of me – I have officially stopped smoking, maybe not so much stopped drinking but the smoking had to go. It’s a disgusting habit and doesn’t improve my chances for a BFP by any means.


I feel like Im way behind in my blog reading. Sorry guys, life has been just OTT hectic but I will catch up soon!

For my friend Robz, whos FET cycle was cancelled – sweety Im thinking of you during this difficult time.  xxx

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  1. Nix on

    Hey you. A new kitchen, that’s exciting stuff. Wish i could get a new kitchen, not that i need one. Ours is perfect for our needs, but still, all new stuff would be fantastic. Hope you enjoy it lots.

    PS don’t be so quiet with your blogging again. I’ve been bored.

  2. Shaz on

    Your new kitchen sounds fab, but I certainly don’t envy you having to go through the process of getting it done. We did extensions on our house last year, the entire front of the house was removed and rebuilt, I thought I was going to loose my mind during that 3 months!
    Well done for quitting the smoking, I think Mich’s BFP has given us all hope that it an happen for us!

  3. samcy on

    New kitchen? I’m jealous! I wanted a new kitchen but had to make do with new kitchen counters only cos we could not do a new kitchen AND IVF *sigh*

    Well done on quitting the smoking habit 😉 That is brilliant!!

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