What a weekend (again)!

Hi all you beautiful people!

Again the weekend was super-hectic. My dear husband left at 9:30am on Saturday morning for the airport to catch a flight to Hong Kong. He later phoned me to say his flight was delayed until 8:00, thats pm ladies. He ended up meeting all the lovely ladies from Health24 (he admitted that he was scared shitless of all the ladies chatting up a storm). So inbetween all this I had a couple of cocktails and spoke to the lovely Dooi, Ann, Myra, Cedge, Dalila, Paula, Joni, Nix and Tweety. It was so great to just chat and get to know my fellow forum users! Its also great to not feel like you are the only one in this lonely journey of infertility.

Anyway back to the flight – it was delayed by yet another hour in Jhb, by the time DH got to Hong Kong he had missed his connecting flight to China! He finally managed to catch another flight and then sat 2.5 hours in a taxi to his final destination. We worked out that he travelled for almost 36 hours!!! Shame my poor baby. I miss him so much when he is not at home, it so lonley and quiet! And I never sleep well either, every sound wakes me up.

Sunday was spent in the pool at a friends house, i shudder to think what temperatures summer is going to bring….This weekend was almost unbearable.

So ladies thats my update. Just one last thing – Dr V has asked me to start on Inofolic, its a folic acid and inositol supplement. Dischem doesnt know what it is so just wondering if anyone knows of it or where I could find it?


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  1. Shaz on

    Glad to here your DH arrived safely, I suppose it’s a case of better late than never. I swear we’re going to melt this summer!!! I have heat rash on my neck and writs already and its only November!!!!

  2. April on

    What a weekend!!! At least you got some girl time and some time in the pool. I’ve never heard of Inofolic. Hmmmm…..Why do you need to take it?

    It’s 7am here and I am trying to sip my coffee and motivate myself to leave at 7:30 to go to the gym on the way to work.

    …trying to make this a habit…..

  3. Joni on

    Hey Honey

    Thanks, I too had an awesome time and just think your hubby is charming!!!! I am soo glad he is finally there!! I too don’t sleep well without mine!!

    As for the Inofolic I’ve asked my Mom to ask her Pharmacy suppliers, will let you as soon as she lets me know!!!

    Can’t wait to meet up again sometime soon!!!!

  4. samcy on

    It’s always nice to meet the girls one gets to know on forums. I feel like we share so much of our lives with each other it’s only natural to want to meet up face to face 🙂

    Glad hubby arrived at long last – better late than never huh?

    It is boiling – and we don;t have a pool at home to cool down *sigh*


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