I LUV Root Canal!!

Seriously I do, the pain is GONE and I can final eat without looking like a chipmunk! It was not so great to have it done but with 4 injections I seemed to manage!

Im off in approximately 1 hour – whoo hoo! Taken the afternoon off to spend it with my husband. He leaves for China tomorrow morning which means I am going to be very lonely this next week 😦 (VERY sad face). My friends are wine and ciggies (but only a few I promise!)

Im also so glad to have started blogging, it really helps. Ive “met” such awesome ladies along the way and without my blog I would never have started chatting to them. I get such lovely comments and it really is super great!

Dont know much about US politics but I really hope all goes smoothly with the elections on the go!

Take care friends and for those of you that Im going to meet tomorrow – See u there (cant wait!)!xxx


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  1. Robz on

    Hey my friend,

    Glad you feeling better! Sad about J going away tomorrow but hey lets make a plan to meet up one eve or something k so we can chat, laugh and have some NICE wine!!

    I agree this blogging seems the way to meet new friends and def the way to get all the love and support during this crappy TTC journey hey. I think i need to start one but with my intellegence and PC’s not too sure where to start! sorry but hey i am blonde.

    chat later friend and enjoy your afternoon off.

  2. Shaz on

    Glad the root canal worked, I agree, it totally rocks, especially when the pain you’re living with becomes so unbearable you’ll do anything to make it stop. Actually its a bit like infertility hey? The pain of wanting a child becomes so unbearable you’ll put yourself through a very FUN (not) IVF.
    Enjoy your ciggies and wine!

  3. Beth on

    Funny how you can have such a hate love relationship to a root canal- I am right there with ya girl. Sorry your hubby will be gone- no fun at all, at least you will get some good girl time in!

  4. April on

    you know we’re old when we say that we LOVE root canals!!! Your next post will be something about how you are going to drink prune juice everyday b/c you are not happy with your bowels. 🙂

    enjoy your wine and (not too many) cigs. take some time to watch some trashy tv, some old movies….sit in PJs all day. 🙂


  5. samcy on

    So glad to hear your mouth is better! There is nothing worse than tootache – I hate it!!!

    Enjoy your wine and (not to many) ciggies while your hubby is away 🙂


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