On the Money!

Everyone (Shaz, Sam) seems to be doing it – the Personality test!

This is what mines says:

Based on your answers, what can we say about your style?

Individuals with these characteristics are project minded, task focused and very orderly in their approach to work. They are also characterised by carefulness and caution, which adds to the individual’s stubbornness and perfectionist approach. Not only are they focused on details, but they also bring a need to think ahead and consider pitfalls, which can turn their perfectionism into fussiness or pedantic behaviour. Clarity, direction and clear expectations are all very important to them. They need to know what they are required to achieve and work best in an area where there are systems, processes and procedures to follow.

They like to have boundaries to operate within and to feel comfortable that they will not tread on toes or encroach on someone else’s work area. Certainly, stress will occur if they cannot deal with their work in a logical and orderly sequence, particularly if, as a result, error occurs. In such situations, the stress will manifest in irritability and the negative aspects of their temperament bring a more critical approach and they will be outspokenly pessimistic. What is also seen when they become stressed, is some oscillation between quiet, focused behaviour and outspoken, direct and even blunt behaviour. Anxiety will also occur if they are put on the spot in terms of having to react very quickly to changing demands. They like plenty of warning and background information.

Their work approach is extremely conscientious. They can be relied upon to produce the work that has been asked of them on time and to a high standard. They will try and keep on top of their work flow, will be very organised and methodical and will have a place for everything. You will not see a slapdash approach resulting from this sort of individual and they will not take too kindly to anybody else who is. As a general rule, their preference is to take one step at a time, deal with one task, complete it and then begin another. Having to juggle multiple demands is likely to create confusion, which can result in a flustered or anxious approach to their work and an increasing need to organise and keep everything in its place.

With people, they will tend to be more matter of fact, businesslike, direct and formal than demonstrative or bubbly. They are certainly more reserved than outgoing or sociable and having to be in the limelight or constantly talking to people during the day will make them feel like they are being distracted from their tasks rather than productive. At the same time, whilst their general demeanour will be of someone who is sensible and “no nonsense”, they do have an underlying warmth and consideration for people, which can emerge from time to time. It is more likely to be fleeting in a work situation but may be more evident outside of this or with people they know particularly well. They respond well to people who are professional, conscientious and very thorough.


An individual with this temperament style is a very detailed person who loves analysing data and working on repetitive projects with which they are familiar and where they can add some creative inputs to give them ownership and a feeling of security. With little need for people contact, they are well suited to roles such as:

Statistician; Actuary; Investigative Scientist; Research Worker; Safety Analyst; Laboratory Technician;

Im a scientist! Go figure!!

“Little need for people contact” most definitely stems from IF days – less people to be around = less questions.


3 comments so far

  1. samcy on

    These things are actually quite accurate – I initially thought mine was not accurate but once I looked at it properly and unemotionally I found it was actually quite on the money.


  2. Elize on

    Hey, we are alike! I’ve never needed a great deal of people contact, especially at work, I find it very distracting.

  3. Shaz on

    I would not survive withou almost constant contact with people during my work day! My assessment was also pretty much spot on!

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