Phone Call

Just received a phone call from the FS in Pretoria – he seemed so nice! He told me that the reason why they dont do ZIFT is because they dont know which embryos to choose from, they havent started dividing yet so its kind of a guessing game. He said he wouldnt transfer more than 4 back into the fallopian tubes due to the risk of multiples. (B-r-i-n-g it on!). Although he did say that ZIFT does have its advantages in that the fallopian tube is the best place for them and that the lab environment is not conducive to poorer quality embryos (which is unfortunately the bracket we fall into!). He also mentioned egg sharing (which isnt really an option for us, not sure who would want my eggs?) and he said if you do egg sharing you can reduce the cost of an IVF to around R8000! What an excellent idea for someone with good eggs and not alot of money!

Still need to speak to DH about this but my gut says that if the next cycle is a bust with VL I think we will be moving on – heartbreaking but its merely because of the costs.


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  1. Shaz on

    Good luck Dee.
    Have you researched this new guy a bit?
    I really hope the move is not necessary!!

  2. Joni on

    Hey Dee

    Good luck and I too hope that you won’t need to move and that this cycle will result in your BFP!!!!

    All the best!!!

  3. Robz on

    Hey Friend,

    I understand and support you all the way. like they say a change is always good. I really pray this will bring you a BFP!


  4. samcy on

    Hey Hon! Hoping and praying that a move is not needed…


  5. Dalila on

    Hi Dee…

    Ypu know this “egg sharing” – sounds so good. But I did a bit of research into that. What happens is that the DONOR (person getting the egg) gets first choice. You get whats left overe – even if it IS YOUR eggs… Sorry – but not an option for me.

    Good luck angel. I really hope you get that beautiful BFP soon.
    P.S – What is ZIFT … never heard of it before …

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