I feel like a traitor…

During our last consultation with Dr V he mentioned that he wouldnt feel insulted if we wanted to get a second opinion on our case, at the time I flattly denied that we would leave VL but lately Ive been thinking that seeing this is going to be our 4th IVF at the same clinic maybe it is indeed time to move on? Yesterday I got a quote from a clinic in Pretoria for IVF/ICSI and its R20 500 incl all doc fees, scans, lab fees, theatre fees!!!!!! Thats almost R10 000 less than VL????

Am I silly to be thinking of swithing clinics at this stage? Im totally and utterly happy with VL, they are super-fantastic but for R10 000 less?? What do you think? Please bear in mind that we would need to travel from VDBP to Pretoria should we decide to change. What if we need IVF a few more times? R10 000 saving on one could mean a second one is already half paid for. I feel like such a traitior.


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  1. Shaz on

    Dee, what a difficult predicament. I’m all for second opinions, especially after my experience. But having said that, I don’t think you’re going to get better care than what you’re currently getting at VL. I understand the wanting to save the R10K but I always think of that Afrikaans expression, Goed Koop is Duur Koop.
    Sorry I know I’m not helping you here at all!

  2. mozzie01 on

    It is a difficult one Dee. Go with your gut…I am not helping either am I?!!! Thinking of you though as you make your decision…

  3. samcy on

    Cooks, this is a decision only you and DH can make, and it sucks!

    I think one has to consider what level of care you’re going to get (sure it will be good) and weigh up the cost of petrol to get from VDBP to Pta and back for appointments – not to mention the time you’ll have to wake up to get there cos of traffic…

    If you feel you need a new set of eyes then you need to get that next opinion… that being said though VL know your history and have managed to succeed in a BFP with you before… now they just need to figure out a way to make that little one stick for the whole 40 weeks…

    I don’t envy your choice at all right now! BUT whatever you decide we’ll all be here for you all the way…


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