Blog Addiction…

I think Im addicted to blogs. Seriously. And now that Ive started my own blog, I think its getting worse! Funny things happen during the day and I immediatley think “I should put that on my blog”! I first started my ttc on Health24, I still chat there as Dee but its so boring when the same questions get asked everyday, I still pop in to see whats happening but rarely post. Then came mybeautifulbelly which was awesome because we had to log in so no more nasty trolls posting under fake names then that practically shut down after alot of bitchiness as some of my blog readers may remember. Then came the best site of all – Fertilicare, its really a super-duper site – Thanks Super M you really put so much effort into it but yet I cant really chat there anymore its just so painful to see ladies who cycled with me going for their 28 week check-ups, Im obviously very happy for them but painfully sad for me for what was so close. Which brings me back to the post – blogs. Its so nice to read what others are up to, where they are on their journey. There are also some really painful blogs like the woman who lost her husband and baby within a few weeks of each other, wow I had to stop reading because the pain was just so raw. And then I read alot of my FC friends blogs and I find it even better than forums because you get to find out alot more about the person and follow their thoughts on a daily basis, so Im addicted – the only problem is trying to fit in working!


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  1. Shaz on

    Hehehe! I have the same problem! And I have found the my blog is far better therapy for me!!

  2. samcy on

    So with you on this one! The more I read the more I find the more I want to read the more blogs I find – hehe…

    You’ll soon find your fav’s that you visit everyday and those that you’ll visit every now and then – try subscribe to a read like bloglines or google reader – it helps with the time factor cos you only read those blogs that have updates 🙂

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