Operation Update & other Ramblings

Hubby’s op went fairly well, they removed the hydrocele and doc seemed pleased.

Funny story – we arrive at the hospital to be surrounded by 2 families namely:

1. A pregnant wife and a small son named Jayden which is a name we would both love to name our son.

2. Then across from us another sweet family with a gorgeous blonde daughter who was fixated on me. Normally I just ignore children but she was absolutely so cute.

Anyway the father of this grogeous girl goes in to get himself sorted and we get put into a ward with, jip you guessed it Jayden and the pregnant mom. So now in this whole mess of the nurses trying to organise a screaming child, me undressing a nervous husband etc, I happen to look over at the file that the nurse is writing in and I see its not my hubbys file – its in fact for the father of the gorgeous blonde girl and again you guessed it – hes having a vasectomy. I just about died. Can you imagine how pissed off I would have been if they had done a vasectomy on my hubby? I tried to hide it from my hubby but he noticed aswell which meant complete and utter paranoia for a few minutes as I tried to calm him down and assure him that they could not possibly get it wrong (well I was seriously hoping not). He said that when he went into the theater he reminded the doc what he was there to do!!

Anyway on another topic I have this “friend”, I put it into inverted commas because shes actually just a work colleague and Ive visited her a few times. Ive shared with her that we are battling but dont share much more than that. She also knows about my m/c. Last week I wore white pants to work and she said that I looked so nice but that she couldnt possibly wear white because she has kids and “do I know what kids do to white clothes”, well no I dont actually but I would give anything to know. Ok so that kind of got to me a bit but I brushed it off. Then on Monday I see her talking to our secretary and so I asked how her weekend went she says “I cried for most of it” so I ask why. She says its because her husband and her cant go out whenever they feel like it and maybe have a drink after work just as they please “you know, just like you and J”. So I ask her in a snotty tone – So would you rather have kids or go out for a drink? So she replies “Oh, no I love my kids”. So now I keep on replaying this whole scene in my head over and over and Ive come to the conclusion that shes actually trying to make me feel worse, do you think its possible for someone to be mean in a calculated way, as in intentionally mean? Im steering far away from her, I honestly dont need that kind of person in my life right now.

On the IF front it seems like we will be trying again in Dec/Jan, I found out that my clinic puts their prices up in Feb 2009 so would like to try before they increase. I have no idea how i feel about it, not thinking about that right now.


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  1. Shaz on

    Hey Dee
    Firstly, OMG that they almost gave your DH a vasectomy! At my previous clinic a similar thing happened to me. I went for my ET and they put the wrong arm band on me and I almost landed up with somebody elses embies inside me!!!

    As for your co-worker, I know I’ve often thought that people were deliberatley trying to hurt me. But I’ve begun to think that perhaps people are just stupid and say stuff without thinking.

  2. Elize on

    Hi Dee!Gosh I haven’t spoken to you in ages. I just read about you m/c. I’m so sorry hon. I hope your hubby’s op went well, and I’m so glad you noticed the file before he went in, shame poor thing I can imagine how paranoid he must have been.

    I know a couple of people who are intentionaly mean in a very calculated way, I have lately come to trust my instincts and all I can say is, if you walk away and think about it, and your first feeling is that the person is mean, then you are probably doing the right thing by staying away from them.

    I’m glad you’ve got a blog, would love to stay in touch with you.


  3. samcy on

    Hey hon! Glad that hubby’s op went well (and that they did not give him a vasectomy!)… Sorry that you’re battling with that girl at work – I’m sure she is not trying to hurt you deliberately but just is not thinking about what she’s saying…

    I think keeping your distance from her might be a good solution in the interim.

    Thinking of and praying for you!

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