Nothing new..

No news really just a tad concerned at the amount of alcohol Ive been consuming so on a detox for a few days. My skin is showing me how much Ive had – its looks awful.

J is going in for an op tomorrow, I hate it when he has to have an operation. He has to have his hydrocele removed which was caused by the varicocele op, very rare apparently only happens in 1% of cases (why not hey?).

A very sweet woman I work with came back from maternity leave today, she knows what we are going through (one of the very few at work). She looked quite upset when I told her the latest but did in her kindest way say that she just cant understand how it might feel not being able to do something that is supposed to come so naturally. And then I finally understood how the fertile part of the world see it – they try so hard to “get it” but as hard as they try its something that is so natural to them that its unfathomable when it doesnt happen. I cant blame her for what she said because its true but it really stung a bit.


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  1. Shaz on

    Don’t beat yourself up about the alcohol, I’ve practically become an alcie in the last few months! 😉
    Hope hubbies op goes well tomorrow!

  2. Tam on

    Hey chicken, I’ve been thinking about you and hoping that you and J are okay. I hope his op went well, I’m sorry that you just have more things to add to your list of “why us?”…it’s so very hard.

    Don’t worry to much about the alchohol, whatever get’s you thru it at the moment is okay. I always think that i punish my body when a cycle fails, it sounds silly but there it is.

    It does sting but it’s so true, we should be able to do this and that’s what makes it so hard and sad but at least she’s trying…

    Big hugs for you xxx

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