Medical Aids

Don’t you just love it to get this in the post: “MEDICAL AID CLAIM REJECTED”, doesn’t it just make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside? Especially when its from blood tests that resulted in a BFN, seems like such a waste doesn’t it? After doing both Progesterone and E2 blood tests at R100 each for about 8 days during the last IVF cycle it really does add up (OK, R1600 is really small change compared to the cost of an IVF but still….). Our allowable blood tests for the year ran out ages ago!


Now I belong to my company medical aid, not a bad medical aid really but it obviously doesn’t pay for infertility. I have squeezed as much as I can from them ie hysteroscope, doc consultations but isn’t it so pathetic when you get R208 from a R700+ claim (“REDUCED TO TARRIF” so they say).


I know this has been mentioned countless times on countless forums but if someone can explain this to me (perhaps someone sitting on some medical aid board??) WHY does medical aid pay for cancer treatment even rehab for alcoholism and counselling and treatment for drug addicts, HIV treatment but yet they wont pay for infertility?? I once got crapped on by a forum user when I mentioned that all the above could be self-inflicted whereas infertility is most definitely not self-inflicted. So why not pay for infertility, even if it was half the amount it would at least take some of the pressure off us. I read on the overseas forums where medical aids pay for a couple cycles, pay for one get three kind of thing. Wish that was the case here, wishful thinking I know.






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  1. Shaz on

    I agree! Although we have an addict in our family and its not quite as simple as self inflictd, but if MA’s cover that treatment then the should cover infertility as well.
    All I can say is Hello NZ as soon as I have my residency I will be claiming my FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE IVF’s thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

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