Update: My weekend

My weekend started off with us seeing Dr V to discuss the cycle. I had already taken leave on Friday becuase it was supposed to be “the big day” but anyway it wasnt. Dr V basically gave us a few options – he wants to try ZIFT which is where they put back the fertilised embies into the fallopian tube. Adv: My eggs look like they start to harden in the lab and Dr V wants to try and eliminate the lab environment, Dis: Its more expensive because they are put back under GA ie lap, there is a chance for multiples because he wants to put back a min of 6, you also wont know what is happening becuase they are put back on Day 2. Other option is obviously donor egg or sperm – we are not ready for that quite yet so havent even discussed it, although my sister did offer her eggs to me last week without knowing what we discussed with Dr V. He says he feels its a 2/3 egg problem, 1/3 sperm problem. Its from the PCOS and of course he reminded us of the very first conversation that we had at our initial consultation – PCOS patients are the most difficult to get to conceive! I know Dr V, I know.

He also gave me anti-dep to start taking, Ive always been a bit against anti-dep just because Ive always thought “I can handle it”, but I admitted that maybe I needed them. Hes put me on Cipramil which he says I must take throughout the next cycle (when ever that will be??)

On Friday night I got “THE CALL”, the one Ive been waiting for – my best friend had just had her baby. A boy (they didnt find out). I actually handled it OK, no tears just sadness for us. She was 40 weeks on Friday and they induced her at 6:30am, she didnt tell me that she was being induced, which I found a bit strange. Maybe she thought I didnt want to know, well maybe I didnt. It was better just to get the phone call that night instead of thinking about her the whole day. She said she had to go because she hadnt had a ciggie the whole day (Please tell me someone else thinks this is wierd??)

On Saturday we went out to see a friend, I insisted on Primi becuase I know they have jam jars. Well 2 jam jars later and a pack of Marlboros I was feeling great! Until we got home – I havent felt so sick in my life. My head was pounding away and I felt so sick. I only started feeling better once the Sharks beat the Blue Bulls in the Currie Cup LOL! Anyway I pulled out the insert for the anti-dep coz I thought maybe it was that making me feel so ill but no, didnt say anything about alcohol, it must have just been the amount hat I had!

Last night my mom called to say that my great-aunt had died – she was 94 so she really had a good life but still I felt quite sad. We will be going to Durban for her funeral, probably towards the end of this week.

Lets hope this week is better than last.

Take care friends xx


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